Monday, March 06, 2006

Pancake triumphs over Pyramid

You cannot use the old frumpy dumpy Command and Delegate model of the pyramid for new economy entities. Nothing is commanded, all voices speak and all ears listen. Debate ensues and best hopes to win. We are cross-talking, asking each other, ignoring commercials. MSM and Unilateral Preaching is dead. Long live me-media, share economy, social interaction media.

Richard Edelman, now teamed up with Steve Rubel, has made a simple and definitive statement of the new reality: customers are selling each other on the benefits of favored products, and also, in many cases, co-creating the product.

"True Power Lies in Being Flat as a Pancake"


Saffo contends that throughout history, the most powerful institution had the biggest building in town. It starts with the castle, built by the monarch. This was followed by the church or mosque, erected by the dominant religious interest.

Then there was city hall, such as the Hotel de Ville in Paris, constructed by the government. Finally, there are the cathedrals of commerce, the giant office towers of the multinational corporations. According to Saffo, each of these organizations depended on a pyramidal organization structure, with set social mores, means of advancement and top down command.

Yet today, he contends, power resides in the pancake structure of non-governmental organizations, social networks of consumers and other peer-to-peer enterprises. The voluntary aspect of membership, the desire to learn from others who share a passion and the specialized nature of the interest are new organizing principles. It is the networked and empowered individual who drives change.

The traditional institutions of business, government, religion, and labor union have not yet adjusted to this pancake universe. They often still espouse control of the message and limitation of access. They give preference to elites, including institutional investors, regulators, legislators and top-rated media.

They embrace the cult of personality, whether for the CEO, the President or the Pope. They prefer the inside game, working the hallways of power, to the transparent process of continuous discussion and clear identification of objective.


VASPERS: democracy finally triumphs over capitalism. this is the pancake revolution, spearheaded in a diffuse and incoherent manner, by the blog/IM/texting/podcast explosion...into world 2.0 and further.

Forcing the post at a time.


Chris Ritke said...

But somehow the pancake has to figure out who's doing what. It has to figure out what the strategy is. The big picture. If everybody's working on the same thing but nobody knows what the strategy is - well, I guess that's chaos.

rip (vxo)

Harry Potter Assassination Squad said...

Watch how the pancake cooks. Heat evenly distributed. Brown edges, the weaker fringes. Soft buttery center, the molten mass. Spreading internally and exoterically, the motion peers into itself, and everything flips over, back and forward flapjacking, sizzle, it's done.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, HPAS, and there is dissent, discussion, decay, decision, development, doying democratization of data...delivering detrimentality in degraded delirium to the detractor drones.

detrimental diode said...

chris is correct, as usual. vaspers, you need to stop talking like a turd parrot and answer his question of how redundancies are procluded.

steven edward streight said...

Very glad to oblige. Now listen closely and carefully because my fingers are getting hoarse laryngitis from typing this over and over you No Leaf Clovers.

Dig it: passion explains it all.

If each person has a fully individualized PASSION that comes ripping new asshats into every frigging in the gotcha killa, sucka foo.

Infinite Creativity + Spontaneous Individuality = Perfect Productivity.

Metaphysically speaking, it is impossible for the synergetic process to produce true redundancies, since the rule of infinite creativity stipulates total anarchy of intentional toolings.

Okay? How more clear can I toss it, salad?

carrie said...

"no leaf clovers"

you confound me
and astound me

steven edward streight said...

meaning, since they are not yet four leaf clovers like me, i must string them along, as they teach me from questionnaires, as they improvise me, as they add their intelligence to mine, we all get lucky, likely.

harry potter assassination squad said...

On *what* do you base_your_trust, encrusted, on the "miasma of world 2.0" ? =if anarchic, then how is there pro-gress?