Friday, March 03, 2006

mouse trap at Amazon Associates

I have always considered Amazon dot com to be a pretty decent, trend-setting site. Of course, I have also complained about a few usability problems. But this evening, I ran into one of the worst things you can hit: a mouse trap.

What is a "mouse trap"? As I use it, the term refers to a web page where you cannot move forward, or backward, or both, or out of the site.

I decided to experiment with ads on this blog. You've noticed the ads in my sidebar. Now I want to see what happens when I include Blog Ads, maybe Ad Sense, and Amazon Associates.

When I got to the final stage, #4 in the process, I landed in a "mouse trap". I clicked on "I agree to Terms of Service" and then clicked "Continue". Nope. I kept getting sent back to the stage #4 page, and had to keep filling in my tax number, over and over again, and had to check the box indicating I had read and agreed to their TOS.

This is very frustrating and annoying. Quite remarkable, actually. As I kept trying to "finalize" or get to a "Congratulations, you've successfully [blah blah blah]", a Google Gmail Notification bubble popped up on the bottom of my browser chrome. It told me that I had a new message from Amazon Associates.

So I navigated over to my Gmail inbox, and sure enough a "welcome Vaspers " greeted me.

I suspect my account is fine, but I need to poke around and investigate.

Anybody got any suggestions or advice I need to just log off and go to bed? goodnight loves....

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CyberGal said...

Having a mouse trap at amazon surprises me. I'd bet it is a programming screw-up. Too much work, coffee and not enough sleep. Write them for sure. If you get no satisfaction, don't take their ads.

It is creepy that they set up a name you didn't enter. I'd fight through their customer service system to a live human :-)