Tuesday, March 28, 2006

make money with your blog

Making money with your blog is not easy, but it is simple.

It's not easy because writing a good blog with frequent and popular posts takes a lot of thinking and motivation.

Many give up. They feel hurt because nobody posted any comments. Or they run out of things to say.

But even the most narcissistic and trivial personal blog is a manifestation of Individual Voice.

For the first time in history any person, with computer and internet access, can write or display material to the entire world, a potentially global audience...for free, or very cheap.

This is the Blog Revolution. The democratization of web content. A blog is a mini web site that the individual non-tech person can easily maintain, update, and promote. It puts online communication into the hands of the average person. Blogs are truly Power to the People.

Now, at Vaspers the Grate, we're exploring ways to succeed financially with a blog.

How To Make Money
With Your Blog:

(1) Template: use good, appropriate, unique design.

(2) Content: relevant, accurate, well written, passionate, intelligent, funny, entertaining, helpful, astonishing, practical, interesting.

(3) Post Frequently: at least a few times a week.

(4) Web Scan Text: not dense unbroken blocks of lower case prose, but short paragraphs, subheads, bold, lists, colored text, whatever it takes to help guide reader's eye to the salient points, thus: easy to skim and scan.

(5) Art/Photos: nice images please the eye, all text is tiresome and boring, but optimize the JPEGs for web display (approx. 150 k)

(6) Interact with Readers: post replies to all comments, as much as possible, and be polite, reserved, thick skinned, never hysterical or offended.

(7) Added Value: use your sidebar to provide links to resources you think your readers might enjoy and benefit from, so that your blog becomes a trusted portal to a pre-surfed web.

(8) Blog Ads: sell ads in your sidebar, approach companies that are relevant to your audience, and that will add to the prestige of your site.

(9) Other Revenue Channels: Amazon Associates, Swicki Custom Search Engines, Adsense.

(10) Downloadable Products: Ebooks, white papers, MP3s, software.

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