Thursday, March 02, 2006

introducing Corporate Blog Revolution

My colleagues constantly urge me, and all bloggers, to focus, focus, focus.

Then Paul Woodhouse balances severe exclusivity with the reminder, "I don't care much for one trick ponies".

I started Vaspers the Grate as a strictly business-oriented Web Usability Blog.

My, how things have changed.

Now I discuss IT audit and control, advanced blogology, universal democracy, elegant code, interplanetary internets, electro-telepathy, ragga junglist speedcore, darknets, cyber-vandalism, power email writing, email surveying, dream record and playback systems, malware, basically most of my diverse professional and private interests. (My wife would say "manic hyperspeed obsessions", but she's the CFO of Streight Site Systems, so what she says, I nearly always obey.)

That's okay. A blog must necessarily evolve. And I suggest you do what W. Edwards Deming says: "continually improve all aspects of your enterprise". Leave *nothing* alone. Touch everything. Turn it all upside down, if need be.

Go from "business as usual" to "business as UNUSUAL" Tom Peters says. Repeatedly.

"Be astonishing," urges Seth Godin.

"Create dynamic loops," John Hagel III declares.

"Be weird, cultivate creative insanity, re-invent yourself, fire the routine mediocre sandbags, and hire more risk-taking wackos," says, er...Tom Peters!

"Do the opposite of the dinosaur corporations", shouts Cluetrain crew, especially Christopher Locke.


But how many businesses pay any attention to these radical, revolutionary marching orders?

I shall try.

My brand new WordPress blog, Corporate Blog Revolution, is my attempt to Focus, Simplify, and Explain business blogging to the corporate world.

Blog Core Values, the quiet little blog ethics and best practices blog, will continue to target those who are disgusted with porn, hate, violence, and tyranny.

My silly and cathartic New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network will be a hub for new, young, and super talented writers to gain exposure, entertain, and inform. I call it my "Laugh and Learn" system. If you like my mildly abrasive, gentle poking fun, and ridiculous internet humor that crops up at Vaspers The Grate once in a blue moon, you'll love NRIBMN~~~!

So this VTG blog will plod along, ticking people off, enlightening truth seekers, and ennobling the idea of super professional web practices.

Special thanks to Jeremy Wright, Laura Ries, Jennifer Rice, Katherine Stone, Toby Bloomberg, Evelyn Rodriguez, Dave Taylor, Seth Godin, Robert Scoble, John Battelle, John C. Dvorak, Chris Locke, Evan Williams, Matt Mullenweg, Doc Searls, Dave Weinberger, Dean Esmay, Chris Ritke, MaryBeth, CyberGal, Yvonne Devita, Steve Rubel, Neville Hobson, Bob Bly, John Maeda, Amy Gahran, Heather Green, Cathy Mosca, Ken Kirchgessner, SuZan Severson, Usability Interface, ...

...and the many others who have, in most cases, directly advised me, or accidentally (heh!) inspired me to go through a purge and cleanse program existentially.

Tee hee...hey...I ain't no girl! Not that there's anything wrong with girliness.

Yours for Instant Vasperization,


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