Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I go Medieval on ya

If each person has a fully individualized PASSION that comes ripping new asshats into every frigging in the rigging...you gotcha killa, sucka foo.

Infinite Creativity +
Individuality =
Perfect Productivity

Metaphysically speaking, it is impossible for the synergetic process to produce true redundancies, since the rule of infinite creativity stipulates total anarchy of intentional toolings.

Okay? How more clear can I toss it, salad?

vaspers the ridiculous
March 07, 2006 12:41:46 AM

Such is my reply to Detrimental Diode's support of Chris Ritke's query to me: "But how does the pancake know who is doing what, and what the overall strategy is?"

SIMPLIFIED: Those concerns belong to the Old Economy. We bloggers are at the forefront of the Information Anarchy Overload Transformation. We blabber on and on about the craziest shit...and hope some of it sticks.

We have no commander. No consensus. No rules. No rulers. No A-List or F-Troop. No winners or losers. We just exist as best we can for as long as we can.

Many cannot hack it. They quit. Retire in shame or pity. Close shop, and nail tight the shutters. Turn off the light in their blog and fade away, forgotten, grieved, and outmoded.

The blogo/pod/texting/IM people recognize no hierarchy, no strategy, no purpose, no meaning. We just blabber, paint, scream, bitch, criticize, create. And somehow, a monstrosity of a new economy, which is no economy is born and dies and rises again, over and over again, forever...floating free.

We need fear no "redundancies" or too many people working on the same thing. I think passion has its own strategies, and we need to just slide out of the way and let it work. In our staff. In our customers. In our audiences.

We are nothing. The audience is everything. They'll get the goals they want, and we can help then attain their dreams, as they help us attain ours.

It begins with giving, serving, and understanding. It ends with overwhelming, outmaneuvering, and triumphing.

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