Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How to get all your rebates

EDIT UPDATE: The link to Deb Shinder's article is to a specific day of posts, and not the article itself--

meaning: you get to the correct page in her blog, but you must *scroll down* about 3/4 of the way into the day's posts.

She did not understand that the atomic unit of the blog is the post, the individual article, and *not* a day page full of various postings. See Jakob Nielsen for more details.

My wife and I bought an emachines computer at Best Buy about 3 years ago, with JASC Paint Shop Pro (highly recommend!), Star Office (it sucks!), and some other doodads and thingamajigs, and Symantec of course.

I have never had a virus, Trojan, worm, unauthorized intruder (except for the single exception of Lonnie Leopoldi), DDoS, kernal rootkit whatchamacallit, spyware, adware, nothing...ever!

Part of the reason is smart/safe computing habits.

Another part of the reason for my (so far) invincibility, my super-hardened enterprise, is Symantic/Norton AV. I have other Hostile UFOs and Flaming Sword cherubots hovering around my network, but you will never know more than half of it. Sorry. That's the way it must be.

But, back on topic, my wife and I had a real problem, a series of problems, getting all our rebates from all companies, the worse if I remember right, was Best Buy itself, the middleman.

You ever have rebate collection problems? Listen to this story by Deb Shinder:

"I have a friend that always gets his rebates. If he believes that he is entitled to a rebate that the company has refused he writes a nice letter to the company asking for his rebate to be sent and why he believes that he deserves it.

Then just to make sure, he requests that if they do not intend to send the rebate he requests their "agent for process of service" in his state
(California). Most of the time they send the rebate..."

Read the rest of this short, but profound "Bite back, dog!" strategy statement, and you too will know how to pull those refunds due you, out of the asshats of grudging, near-fraudulent corporations who fuck with you like you're a freaking birthday cake!

"Rebates: Here's an idea!"

which, I'm sorry Deb, but I am a "Universal Continual Improvement Forever!" Deming addict...

...could be titled, a bit better: "How My Friend ALWAYS Gets His Rebates".

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