Thursday, March 23, 2006

getting ugly radical and obtuse

comfort: cause of debility Posted by Picasa

I have made a big decision.

To disappoint the maximum number of others, I have decided to get more ugly radical, and be a bit more obtuse (blunt, diffuse, hazy, evocative, implied).

To transform a lesser known word, like obtuse or syncope, just put a parenthetical synonym string behind it, like I did above with "(blunt, diffuse,...)"

To speak of one onion, but to then include a few potatoes.

To lecture in metaphor, parable, and connotation.

To hide the truth and the secrets from unworthiness.

To bless and amplify the good, and shield it's inner workings from skanky scamming eyes.

Lift the banners high and sound the shophar.

We're getting ready to go.

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