Thursday, March 09, 2006

feeding cat steak to mice, part 2: intention deficit disorder

Okay, now get this, pay attention to this post, because my intention is to blow your inform, amuse, and astonish you so good...

(1) you'll merrily waltz over to my sidebar, and click on the ads to visit selected sites...

and/or (2) go over to my Amazon Associates announcements of relevant books or product searches, and fling some cash at them...

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Welcome to the
new reformed

Vaspers the Grate
Ecommerce Blog.

During the past few moments in time, I have installed several new features and functionalities on this blog...

all of which are "live" and stand ready to benefit you...

with the single glaring exception of CoComment, which sits empty, like a tomb, like my statement that I'm done posting tons of rich, rare, relevant comments on massive numbers of other blogs.

Nope. From now on, I will be extremely sparing in my criticisms and constructive comments on other blogs. Those days are pretty much grinding to a screeching halt.

Now I will focus intensely on expressing my intentions and attracting the attention of my intended audience. This is why I am creating new web sites, custom search engines, blogs, and other web objects...almost I also download every frigging trendy bloggy thing you never heard of, yet.

A debate over attention vs. intention?

I have not Doc Searls ' post at Linux Journal on the superiority of attention over intention, but after I tell you what my first reaction to this topic is, I will go read Doc and report back in a new post.

"Following the path from intention to attention" by Phil Windley.

Interesting way to categorize and collate the data of what really boils down to Old Economy vs. New Economy, or Push vs. Pull, or better: me media vs. we media, me manufacturing vs. they manufacturing.

Media and Economy are moving rapidly away from items made by Them and pushed via unilateral corporate advertising at Us. Now we are putting the "I" back into IT. We are individually deciding what we want, what the product will be that satisfies that desire, and the most accommodating delivery system and the ideal timing and frequency of the gratifiers, products, services, that we allow to enter our hyper-stylized Web 2.0/Blogosphere 4.0 life-way.

If your intention is to bless, serve, help, teach, warn, encourage, entertain, educate, amuse, prod, goad, inspire, enhance, cure, empower a target audience or customer group, you will get their attention.

Why so "you will" about this getting intention right, then attention will come naturally, nearly automatically.

I offer the phenomenal success of the book that wrote itself, a business model I thought I had pioneered with my Secrets of the Blog Pros book, soon to be published in two versions (beta low cost version, then 1.0 public release with fancier price tag)...ladies and gentlemen:

Post Secret

The intention was to tap into the universal human need to confess sin, secret, subterfuge, subversion, sickness. The author set up the mechanism, the Post Secret blogspot blog, then he smartly got the hell out of the way and let the customers create the product they would soon crave.

Intention is Superior to Attention.

Attention for It's Own Financial Sake is Soon Stolen by More Persuasive or Controversial Competitors.

Intention for the Sake of Customer Benefit Will Generate Plenty of Attention.

Your passion for humbly serving your fellow creatures of the adventure called life, this unbounded enthusiasm and radiant altruistic compassion will be your "spirit guide" to bring you to the "promised land" of ecommerce rewards.

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