Tuesday, March 28, 2006

failure is the secret to success

Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Try. Try. Try. is the secret to Success.

If you're not currently successful, as you define success for your situation, it's because you haven't failed enough yet. You need to ramp up the failed incidence ratio, which can only be accomplished by doing more, launching new projects, test proliferation.

Dig up new ground. Irritate sandbag mediocres. Challenge your best ideas to perform for measureable results. Change something, anything, and let the ripple effect piss off your best employees.

Forget people for a moment, and catch the majestic upsurge of your lofty ideals, unconditioned by territorial, phobic, change-hating jerks. Mount the sky of your best ideas on the wings of studied intuition.

Every good salesperson knows that the only way to get a Yes is to radically increase the Nos.

How many Nos are you creating? How many doomed projects are you pursuing? Many times the futile, the random, the lazy, the ridiculous, the obsessive is what breaks new ground and paves the way for populated palaces upholstered with your dreams.

The mediocre phobic coward is repulsed by change, transformation, discomfort, discipline, revolution, upheaval, transitional states with uncertain results. Clinging anti-dharmaically to cherished outposts of routine negligence in a somnambulent role in the company, the change-hater will spill over into non-relevance soon enough.

Those who champion the dying embers of an underwhelming past, the corporate command and control mentality, the generic broadcast sensibility, the harem dress code superficiality, the wait and see timidity, are not to be emulated, but pitied.

We are the New Economy Barons, and we see fit to escalate our global decree.

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