Friday, March 03, 2006

An example of what I mean by Internet Satire

Here is an example of Internet Satire that I wish to expand upon and build an Online Comedy Empire (our sluggishly evolving New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network) out of.

I don't want to run it though. I will likely turn this monstrosity over to Christian aka Green Idea Sleeps Furiously, a guy who writes casual pieces in a very similar manner (mixing Dada with Catch-22) to how I write fiction, from MySpace.

From The Toque of Canada.

"Saying No to Sex While Computing" [opening excerpt]


I'm a little offended when I get asked the question: "have you ever said 'no' to sex while at your computer?"

The question is much more complex than simply weighing a geeky hobby against an opportunity to get laid.

There are several factors involved in the computer/sex decision-making process, presuming that you have the opportunity to say "no", because you have a living, breathing sex partner.

There are times when you'll say no, and you'll have a good reason. A damned good hope.

Maybe I just had sex, and maybe I will again after I check my email. It is really fair when you just finished an hour (let's be generous) of heavy humping, then on the way back from the toilet you stopped for a moment to reply to a couple of messages, when your wife comes in to ask you if you want to "do it again"?

If I was sitting around doing nothing except playing Freecell, well of course I'm not going to say 'no' when the opportunity presents itself...or herself in this case. I'd rather be doing it doggy-style than playing Solitaire Vegas-Style.

But if I was participating in the utlimate online Texas Hold'em tournament with the promise of a big payoff at the final table, I might have to temporarily postpone that game of strip poker with my spouse.

[END QUOTE--now go read entire article, and others, over at The Toque.]


Harry Potter Assassination Squad said...

You rock, Vaspy. As a CEO and IT guy, you sure got the edge on how your colleagues screw up. This is more fun than a comic book or bowl of chocolate Cheerios.

Stay on 'em, vaspers the grateful!

harry potter assassination squad said...

Ooops. My comment was meant for the post "IT vs. stupid users". Sorry.

Xian said...

Agoraphobia is the fear of open or public places. Acrophobia is the fear of hieghts. Agrophobia is a vicious typo that does nothing for the betterment of mankind, is entirely without merit, and should be summarily executed by lethal hot beef injection, if we can find a physician willing to do so. Just kidding.
Anyway, yes, it is a hilarious pic. It would be an entertaining excersize to figure out what happens next, as in, what articles would really be in there, and who the hell is that guy on the cover anyway, and would he be on the next cover? And who is anyone? Who am I? Do I become less of who I am when I don't come into contact with other people? How much of who I am is based on practised responces on how to react to others? One can make a vow of silence, but can they truely continue a vow of no communication? Is it possible even to see a person and be seen by a person without communicating? When you recieve a communication, you are inserting a piece of another's psyche into your conciousness, and physics say that you alter something even by observing it, so how can someone stay human if they reject the most human thing we can do, which is be with other humans.