Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the email that shocked and rocked the blogosphere!

Friends, here is the infamous punk email that scandalized the blogosphere! and lazily launched the *idea of* my New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network thingamajig!!!

I was *NOT* drunk (nor very high on spliff) when I sent this baby to a select group of A Listers and Internet Innovators...most of whom were pissed off...

...and now, probably, dislike me (emailing me "are you okay?" is either love or hate...?) to some festering degree...(except, and the list is sluggishly growing) for...

List of Bloggers Who
Still Have a Sense of Humor:

Robert Scoble,
Chris Locke,
Jeremy Wright,
Paul Woodhouse,
Chris Ritke,
Jacques Derrida,
Rene Vis,
the phenomenal Vaspers champion CyberGal,
and John C. Dvorak):

Got your thinking (or dunce) caps on?

Ok. Here it comes....


SUBJECT: your new money making schedule enclosed

Welcome to the Insane Blog Media Network:
brains, blogs, and castration your service, sir!

NEW: we now offer corporations Psycho Buzz Bombers: ranting lunatics will search the blogosphere for some twerp flaming you...and deeeestroy the sissy pants girly boy! GUARANTEED nervous breakdowns, one flamer at a time.

We will now step forward and take over the blogosphere, MSM, and the world (the parts of it we can still exploit).

"Making money as easily as legally possible, with no planning or purpose whatsoever."

Wild. Hateful. New.

~Powered by Intellectual Self-loathing
…it gets shit DONE!~

…also we welcome Dirt Bag Bulldykes from Venus

E-home of new Overnight Miracle Marketing seminars!!!

here is YOUR new money making schedule...

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate
Web Usability. Blogs. RSS. Social Media.


Notice how I drifted off at the end.

There was *NO* "money making schedule" (whatever the hell that "means"!) attached to the email!

Ha ha ha! Can you laugh at silly political incorrectness...or are you sadly brainwashed by...whoever is in charge of the *universal-mind-fuck* these days?

We really am "Wild. New. Insane"....and, consequently, it's going to be a blast, my comrades and fellow travelers. Don't cancel your Insight Broadband Internet connnection yet. Wait for the New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network to fully *WILL NOT* regret it!

I promise!

vaspy ...

... the IT guy with Pavement, Ambassador 21, Tuli Kupferberg, and Atari Teenage Riot CDs in his elegant office stereo....playing FULL BLAST 20 hours a day!

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