Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Do business with India, and NOT China

Over at Blog Core Values, I recently posted my list of what I suspect are "internet myths" that have no factual foundation. I have not done extensive research on these topics, so I asked my readers if they would do their own study, and report back to me.

I have a new one to add, and it overlaps with Globalism, the Universal Democracy Revolution, and Nuclear Arms Proliferation.

"All companies have to conduct business with China"

is a very unethical, unpatriotic, and Enronishly stupid

Listen to me very carefully now: "FUCK China".

I mean the Chinese government, not Chinese people or culture, which I love.

I mean To Hell With the tyrannical morons, and the lame ass citizens who refuse to rise up against their crap government ... and violently or peacefully overthrow it.

I am happy to see that the Bush Administration is secretly agreeing with me. Notice how we are helping the world's most massive emergent-democracy (not real democracy, until they remove all traces of dreadful disgusting Brahmanic caste system): INDIA.

India, birthplace of Gautama Buddha, home of the most delicious food and interesting Just Intonation music, ragas, Patanjali Yoga Sutras (one of my favorite Mind Science books of all time) meditation, gentle lilting speech, curry and rice, and silly heathen idolatry.

India is our answer to China.

India is the Future, not China. China is a flash in the pan. Their hideous promotion of anti-female policies and enforced abortions, their censorship of blogs and search engines, their bullying of little Taiwan...etc., etc....has put China on my eternal shit list.

Don't believe the absurd hype. No ethical business "has to" do business with freaking China. Do business with India instead. At least, this is my policy.

You make up your own mind, as usual.





Kelly said...

funny, how i happened upon your blog today as I was just considering learning Chinese I.

While I certanly agree with everything you said about their oppresive government, it doesn't mean we should exclude them because they haven't overthrown their government. Google's presence in China could help further the communications between the Chinese people, and I agree with this tactic over using guns to force them to overthrow.

With regards to India, yes! Do business with them. I am excited about our involvement with India and encourage it. Partnering with India gives us that leverage against the Chinese that Americans obviously need. But I do not agree excluding China completely is a good idea.

guy who pretends to be me said...

Kelly: welcome, new commenter, to the little blog, VtG.

You may be right about getting blogs and SEs into China.

But I keep hearing Enronic businesses blabbering about how we MUST do business with China.

It gets on my nerves. It is greedy and opportunistic. No wonder China had a cultural revolution against the West. The USA and Western Civilization really is corrupt and vile in nearly every aspect.

But we are free. And we say whatever the heck we want...except for "FIRE!!" in a crowded theater.

Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I always like it when ppl disagree, esp. when it is smart, like you.

Kelly said...

True, Enronic is never good. Is ee your point. It is very hard to make sense of everything that is happening so fast these days. How do we uphold our values and not allow Enrinics tot ake over the world yet still compete in the global economy? It's def. a challenge. Thanks for posting my comment, I'm always open for debate! I've included my email addy on the post form, my blog isn't ready yet.