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death of publishing is silly idea

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The ongoing death of publishing

07 Mar 06 by DL Byron


Just as we’re finishing our book, the ongoing death of publishing is a popular blog topic.

Jason Freid proclaims himself the new publishing sheriff in town with 1700 downloads of their Get Real ebook. Note the “how you like me now,” diss of pronouncing their success against the publishing industry, while running ads from publishers on their site!

Steve Baker posts, if book publishing is dying, have I made a bad mistake? and the economics of books are being debated.

I remember during the dotcoms that Bill Gates predicted that ebooks would eclipse hard copies in a few years. Books haven’t died and neither has Apple, despite being declared dead 48 times since April 1995. Doc Searls posted on the usual death of books in 2003 and The Observer observed last year that it’s the death of the book again and “delivery systems evolve.”

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For publishers, it’s like debating global warming while the ice caps melt. The world is changing under their feet and they’re wondering what pair of shoes they should wear. Finally, it seems, they’ve figured out the appropriate footwear and are pulling up their bootstraps.

Want a publisher offers is distribution. Google Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business to see all the resellers, many of whom I’d never heard of, that are ready to sell our book.

Now, to 37Signals credit, they’ve got a gazillion readers and can do well self-publishing. For us, we want that book to carpet bomb the blogoshere beyond our blog with good how-to practical advice.

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07 Mar 06 steven e streight aka vaspers the grate wrote …

Millions of issues flash through me as I read this cogent and coherent post. A consistently great read, this blog is the new Red Couch as far as I’m concerned.

I want to sell ebooks on Vaspers the Grate, which I am slowly transforming into an ecommerce site/rich information hybrid site, a “mashup” with multi media, and not just text and digital art.

How to set up a ebook download mechanism, without any Adobe garbage involved. I am an Adobe hater, BTW, and have a PDF file stuck in my high speed Avant brower, which illness causes, somehow, all browser operation chrome be non-present, unobtainable, a browser window that acts as a mouse trap. That’s a new one.

So what are the best tools for setting up a Paid Ebook Download on my blog?

Printing out books, like the Reporters Without Borders “Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents”, is fun. But no matter how many ebooks I download, I still walk to Barnes & Noble and get intoxicated with Old Books, those nice smelling, highly addictive, shiny new BOOKS.

Do I get to review your book?

07 Mar 06 steven e streight aka vaspers the grate wrote …

I love to plug those I love, and so, in love, let me tell your noble and devoted readers: I subscribe to this blog, but not RSS.

I do use the Awasu RSS scraper/aggregator, but in this case, I subscribe to the email update.

Why? I’m a usability wank, that’s why.

So here's my promo spot: I always click on the BBS email link and come here to read whatever the flavor of the moment happens to be. Rarely am I bored or able to ignore the vital topics, sharp thinking, contemplative brooding, and insta-linking.

I always click on that BBS email link. What’s that tell you about blog post delivery systems?


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