Friday, March 17, 2006

Computer Abuse Checklist

We've looked at some ways computers are killing humans, but to be fair, us human animaloids are also hurting, disrespecting, and molesting our servo-mechanisms (50's term for robot/computer).

If you want to treat your PC or laptop in a humane, civilized manner, then avoid the following follies.

Computer Abuse Checklist:

(1) NEVER eat Ramen noodles, jello, oatmeal, hot chicken wings, or any other drippy, sloppy, spillable food around your computer. You could have an "accident" and end up gumming up the keyboard, ports, etc.

(2) Never drink Starbucks, Fosters Special Bitter "oil cans", or other beverages or cocktails near your computer. See taboo #1.

(3) Don't, for God's sake, let your freaking cat "nap" on your laptop or keyboard or hard drive. Cat hair is horrid for computers and other electronic equipment.

(4) Are you crazy...or just weird--DO NOT take your laptop into the bathroom with you. Damn, dudes and wenches, this is just plain sick!

(5) Why do you insist on leaving your computer Always On? Give it a break, turn the thing OFF once in a while. You take breaks and vacations, and go to sleep, now and then. Extend the same courtesy to your computer. Let it have a breather once in a while.

While not comprehensive, this impassioned list of computer abuse No Nos should at least get you thinking in the right direction.

Now move your dainty butt over to TechRepublic, my new hang out, and look at all the other instances, with photographic evidence, of modern computer mean mistreatments, as presented in...

Photos: convicted for endangering their computers?
by Bill Detwiler


MARYBETH said...

Ohh Tis a wild and Irish Joy to see the spirit of VTG coming back .
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Throw up a flair here or in the desert.
I raise a mug of green beer to the spirit of the great and powerful VTG!!!! =)

steven edward streight said...

it's a it dat. bardo pond.

MARYBETH said...

??? What did you say?
The music was lovely!
How do you add music?

steven edward streight said...

muziqueiz added via odeo 3 minute podnote...or by buying Podcasting Do It Yourself Guide in the Extreme Tech series of Wiley, and broadcast your own radio show using podcast technology.