Thursday, March 02, 2006

chartreuse explains supremacy of comments over posts

Chartreuse the Mystery Guru confirms my assertion that the blog post and author are *nothing* (or close to it) and the readers are *almost everything*.

I envision the Ultimate Blog as one single post, enhanced by 5, 032 reader comments. What could you write as a post that could generate that kind of response? A weird challenge for you on a Friday Thursday night!

He who humbles himself shall be exalted, and vice versa (King Vaspers Version of Bible verse).

Check out this excerpt from Chartreuse's "The Tyler Durden and Jesus Christ Guide to Running Your Network or What To Do With Apostles".


Do you know what’s wrong with blogs? They hide the comments. The comments should be right next to the main text. Right hand side. In bold.

Why should the comments be big and huge? Because it’s the audience that really matters. It’s their content that runs the show and makes you relevant. Your job is to just facilitate and then get the fuck out of the way. The best blogs have cool audiences...the customer is always, right?

Why do videogames make more money than hollywood movies? Participation. Mods. Social Networking. You want to own your audience. How do you do that? Easy. Let them own you.

Where would Jesus be if no one had written the gospels?


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