Thursday, March 30, 2006

CEO spirituality, strategic power thereof

The cure is CEO spirituality, and I hasten to thwart misinterpretation, the usual variants, by stating: not religion.

Religion, both secular and sacred, is evil. Whether the ritual is based on Maslow pyramids or Egyptian sphinx, it is horrible. A charismanic leader, empty slogans, unplowed fields of endeavor, sham and imbecility abound. Charlatans flock to the church, which is home to hypocrisy.

"If I told you what it takes
to reach the highest high,
you'd laugh and say
nothing's that simple.

But you've been told
many times before:
messiahs pointed to the door;
no one had the guts
to leave the temple!"

THE WHO, "I'm Free"

Religion is tradition is division is confusion.

Spirituality, in a business/corporate sense, means ethics, immaterialism, altruism. The studied pursuit of generosity, self-sacrifice, servant leadership.

Imitate Socrates, Buddha, Jesus...but scorn and ignore the religious "holier than thou" frauds. All established institutions and traditions are frauds, while a few true Other Thans may still be found in some.

Mr./Ms. CEO, I don't suggest you start attending any church, temple, mosque, or synagogue.

What I am recommending is: turn on the Light of Vision and Devotion to Your Highest Hopes and Ideals.

You want peers, customers, associates, suppliers, consultants, friends, family to like you, right? (Let's at least hope so.)

Be spiritual, an ascended being, to them. Quit being a paranoid, territorial, tight miser. Quit acting like a frightened, confused animal. Be paranormal, hyper-human, neo-homosapien.

Transcend self and selfishness with altruism, generosity, unexpected kindnesses, mercy, pity, sympathy, a sudden and radical softening and joyful curiosity.

Make your mind, business, and corporation a shining light that overwhelms the darkness of greed, intimidation, ruthlessness, envy, hyperbole, deceit, miserliness, fear.

Here's how to
tap into the

Strategic Power of
CEO Spirituality:

(1) Golden Rule: Treat customers, employees, investors, colleagues, mentors, interns, media, bloggers, beta testers, and suppliers with dignity, respect, appreciation.

(2) Broken Fool: Experience set-backs with a smile as you transition into immaterialism, which is focus on goals, not being victimized or hurt personally by seemingly negative events. Learn from mistakes, which are nearly always better than lethargy, inertia, paralysis.

(3) Enlightened Tool: Allow yourself to be a mechanism of the Good Realm, by letting go of your strange, illusory, insatiable, inordinate desires, by learning to enjoy simple things, and how to expect and receive miracles from mercy.


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