Monday, March 06, 2006

Brent on The Apprentice

I forced myself to spend some quality time with my wife, be "normal", and watch the telly. We watched Spooky Scary Movie 3 and Monty Python on PBS last night.

Tonight we watched The Apprentice.

Brent seems to be an idiot, a funny clown, a weirdo. A perfect scapegoat for losers. Pepe and what's her name got fired. Chaos Troop lost two weak fools, thus no loss at all.

Now the blogobuzz is "how insane and disruptive is Brent?" Well, he was interupted repeatedly, then took what's her name into a room or closet and shook his finger at her. That sounds like a male bully, and I don't blame her for being repulsed, perhaps a bit nervous about it. Yet the ganging up and guilt-tripping on Brent by the others was a bit much.

I don't like anybody on The Apprentice. I hope they all lose. Even Brent.

My wife and I agree: Donnie's daughter, Ivanka Trump, is hot, but her first outfit sucked. But that's okay. And hey, if you want to succeed in business, read Deming, Drucker, Edelman, Peters, Godin, /ries/, Nielsen, McLeod, Locke...and turn the idiot box OFF>.


carrie said...

i love that girl who plays in Scary Movie 3. (i think that's the one that spoofs the horror movies, right? you called it Spooky Movie 3. either way..)

steven edward streight said...

I meant to say Scary Movie 3. Yes, that girl is awesomely hip, pretty, cool...ooops here comes my wife.

You caught me trying to blog like you in this post. I feel so imitative and ashamed.