Friday, March 24, 2006

blogs and get rich quick schemes

I've been seeing a lot of get rich quick schemes, using blogs as the magic vehicle to instant wealth.

This is offensive and deceptive in many ways.

Any hardcore blogger knows that blogging is extremely hard, time-consuming work, when it's done right. I think there are two kinds of people: those who have something to communicate or share...and those who cynically wish to make a fast buck.

Who are you?

Do want to just jump in, play some dubious tricks, make a boatload of cash, then vanish? What happens to money gained that way?

Do you know that winning the lotto is one of the worst things that can happen to a person financially? There are studies that reveal that most winners borrow against the winnings, waste the cash on ridiculous impulses, then eventually end up more poor than they were prior to winning?

Webmasters [dot] org is an example of a fly-by-night operation that has a horrible crappy web site, no "Partners" (coming soon), no "Corporate Team" (coming soon)...pathetic. And this guy is an expert on making money on the internet? You must be joking. Yet, they advertise on television in Peoria. Schmucks.

New "Get Rich Quick with a Blog" campaigns are everywhere. I stumble into them a lot lately. It's kind of creepy, since most if not all of them are lies, scams, and cheats.

Money gained quickly also disappears quickly.

Money gained illegally or deceptively is also cursed.

Beware anyone who tells you that you can learn some secret tricks and be a millionaire. It's a lie. You are the sucker chump who is victimized by these schemes. If they know a secret to making millions of dollars on the internet, they aren't going to sell it for $29.00 or $999.99.

Those of us who care about communicating something of true value are not pleased to see our favored medium being bandied about as some new way to rip people off and rake in mountains of cash.

Expose these charlatans and avoid their traps.


Anonymous said...


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

It will benefit you to know that there is a group of ultra-wealthy individuals who are quite concerned with the disparity between ourselves and the grocery-impaired. I have dedicated myself and my blog to helping the have-nots Get Rich Quick!

Send them over to and close the gap between rich and poor!

See you on the veranda!

Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq.
Founder, National Association for the Advancement of Wealthy People

Roger Poorman said...

My name is Roger Poorman.

I, on behalf of the United Association of Impoverished Persons, must insist on your refraining from stereotyping poor people as "grocery-impaired", or even insinuating and implying that we as a people are "vile", "unworthy", "underachivers", "salty", "drudgers", "smelly", "dumb", or "Calvinistically cursed".

We want the gap between rich and poor to remain as is. We don't want you wealthy folk polluting us with your pharma parties, cosmetic surgeons, breast implanters, war mongers, oil barons, or mammonist celebrities.

We like poverty. It is the way of life of all prophets, artists, musicians, revolutionists, and innovators.

As Jesus advised the rich young ruler, go and sell all that ye have and give to the poor, I call that a Get Poor Quick scheme.

Like flowers shoved in fish.