Friday, March 17, 2006

blogger search site is broken

It's nearly worthless.

I just published a post "digital fop is infantile slop!" But I altered the date to March 2005, not 2006. I have my reasons, which I choose not to reveal. Aside from the fact that my VTG monthly archives display is all screwed up, the damn post is lost.

I typed "digital fop" in the Blogger Search Site engine. No results. How lame is that? Pathetic.

I'm getting really fed up with Blogger. Especially since the servers are always down.

EDIT UPDATE: so I typed in the full title of the post. Blogger can't find the fucking post, even when I gave the dopey Search This Blog text entry box the *full title*.

This is so disgustingly poor, it makes me sick.

Don't be surprised if someday, soon, I just yank all my crap blogs off Blogger/Blogspot.

There is very little anybody can do with a fricking "blog". They suck.

Blogs are lazy, stupid, worthless CMS.

Unless you've invented some easy user-created site like Post Secret, the laziest content creation blog in the history of the blogosphere.

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