Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogger problems with publishing entire blog

Blogger is experiencing daily problems, and it has become a real pain in the ass to do anything.

I'm glad I'm slowly but surely jumping ship...importing the best of Vaspers the Grate for business bloggers...into my WordPress blog Corporate Blog Revolution. Not much is there yet, but it's expanding as I have time to work on it.

I added some ads to my sidebar advertising section, and I cannot get this template changes, though saved, published and displayed on my blog. [Somehow, it finally worked, right after I posted this. The internet sprites and pixies are messing with me again.] I keep getting "There were errors: Connection Reset" messages over and over again.

Here's what Blogger says.

Dashboard > Blogger Help > Advanced Use > Known Issues


Republishing an entire blog will sometimes get stuck part way through and not finish, though new entries can still be published normally. We are working on improving the database performance to fix this error.


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