Friday, March 03, 2006

Blogger image uploader is disappointing

I hate Hello/Picasa and abandoned that crap app long ago. After working fine for almost a year, suddenly it started having all kinds of problems and could not even identify my blogs anymore. That's why I abandoned my Art Test Explosion site. I got sick of the garbageware.

So, I migrated to Blogger's image uploader. It also worked fine for many months. Now, during the past several weeks, it acts like a weenie twisting in the wind. It sucks.

I get the "Uploading Images" message, then "Done", but damn it, it lies to me, it is not "Done". I click on "Done" to view the post I'm trying to add images to, and nothing appears. I "Publish Post" anyway, because one time when I did that, the images did appear. Nope. Not there.

Blogger/Google, I don't have the time or patience for this.

EDIT UPDATE: Of course, the instant after I published this post, the bloggerbot apologized with roses and chocolates, and began to comply with my severe, hyper-speed chore loads.

I think the glitches in image uploading may be due to network connection problems, and not necessarily Blogger. You can Google something like "Blogger image upload problems" and see what is being said about it, surfing to reputable sites. Or you can check Blogger Buzz blog of Biz Stone and crew, or the Blogger Knowledge/Known Issues off the dashboard if you work a Blogger blog.

The reason why I got angry at my beloved Google and Blogger is because I heard a rumor that when Google bought Blogger, they refused to upgrade servers and other hardware. Well, almost everything Google and Blogger give us is FREE, so I feel a little ashamed of myself for *demanding absolute perfection* from them.

God, I can't wait to move to Internet2 or the InterPlaNet system. I just can't stand this screwed up Commodity Internet, as the Internet2 guys call what you consider "the Internet".

I move so fast, I'm just a blur in the mirror. No one can keep up with me in Google Chat. I chat, blog, surf, IM, and scribble notes by hand all at the same time, and still I move too fast for others, too fast for browsers, too fast for broadband.

Too fast for broadband, now that's ridiculous. No offense Insight, it's not your fault. I'm too fast for my own good, I guess. I can't wait for the Brainboxes to be available, and Brainwave Interface Electrodes, where you simply Think Commands and the cellular computer obeys.

To blog, surf, and compute at the speed of thought! Still sluggish, but it will have to do, in maybe 2009 or so.

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