Wednesday, March 29, 2006

be bizarre

To survive, you must be somewhat normal, but you must also be bizarre.

Bizarre? Isn't that a bit over the top?

Well, what do you think "think outside the box" means?

It means be abnormal, unusual, different, non-conformist, daring, risky, funny yet serious, outrageous, unique, unexpected.

I mean: you must excel, and those who practice total quality and seek to perfect excellance...will be hated and called weird, nutty, and bizarre.

Many people, when you scratch the surface with your sharp eyes, are seen to be mediocre losers. They are the ones who slave away at routine, hate their job and boss, get shitfaced drunk after work, and abhor change, improvement, and newness, which they masochistically experience as severe discomfort.

Only victim mentality retards think that change and variety are going to kill them.

Therefore, to surpass these fools, to fly high and wide above them, go ahead and be super pro, super informed, super passionate, i.e., "bizarre".

It's always easier to tone down a wild idea, than to beef up a mediocre concept. Really damn hard to turn a grossly normalized entity into something superior.

Mediocrity is a great strategy for slaves and prisoners. But at will employees, entrepreneurs, and consultants need to be more. You have to not only do a job, but do it in an astonishingly professional, intelligent, and creative manner.

Each job has different priorities and constraints, but working smarter rather than just harder: this always triumphs over brute force.

To be smart usually equates to "be bizarre".


insain in the membrain said...

I have learned that if you wanna survive and not be eaten alive by this world and all the dumbasses in it, then you have to eat them first! Thats just how it is- be out there- be strange- be what you feel-who cares?

steven edward streight said...

Hey cowgirl, nice new avatar.

Yeah, you must be on guard at all times. I just fired yet another client, for being a dumb fucking retard and wasting my precious time.

I did a whole full blown blog, with many photos and such, and less than 24 hours later, poof.


Since I had not turned the password over to the client, I retained total control of the project.

He would not pay me for it, he tried to get me to do all kinds of extra, uncontracted The Magic Toilet.

Pathetic Patriarchal Pig.

Paul Woodhouse said...

You don't need to be bizarre for the sake of it but if certain folks find you bizarre then that's a wonderful thing. They will also probably find your insanity perfectly normal.

It sorts the wheat from the chaff at the end of the day. Who wants a billion readers taking in your watered-down bullshit when 100 taking the 'real' you on the chin and grasping what you have to say will do just as well?

Just be - warts and all - and cock a snoot at those who don't understand the consequences.

steven edward streight said...

Paul, how bizarre is The Fall? Pretty weird, and we both love them.

I cannot understand any of Mark E. Smith's British political lyrics, but I love the music and the snarling of The Fall.

I don't say "be bizarre" in the sense of getting a face tattoo and eating cigars for breakfast.

I say "be bizarre", meaning: innovative, over-achieving, creative, passionate, sincere...

...all the things that the run of the mill mediocre crap ass people shun and fear.

If you are sincerely devoted to blogging, marketing, Jesus, Buddha, deconstruction, sheet metal, the UK, world peace, anti-globalism, animal rights, vegetarianism, electronic music, art, poetry, Pavement...

..."normal" losers will hate you, fear you, and probably exclude you.

I stand with Jeremiah, Socrates, Freud, Derrida, Johnny Rotten, Darby Crash, Mark E. Smith, Galileo, Hawking, etc.

I admire the odd, the eccentric, the revolutionary.

Only passion wins.

Paul Woodhouse said...

Amen to that bubba.

steven edward streight said...

it's a it dat