Tuesday, March 21, 2006

anti-Harem Mentality attack vectors

Wherein I get flamed for my anti-Harem Mentality views.

First a stray comment by Me, Vaspers, then a detractor's response, from the "How Should IT Pros Dress?", a Featured Blogger thread at TechRepublic.

It got so many comments, the thread reached a limit and was closed today.

I got fun and sacked them about "corn between the teeth and pocket protectors", also saying "dress codes are for control freaks", and such.

My bottom line is that dress code is sexual. To control what drapes the body is symbolic of touching, managing, dictating to the soft supple flesh.

The question is not "should I look professional, or feel comfortable?",

but is instead:

"why should my superficial appearance be an item for hierarchical, patriarchal corporate control?"


"what does this control symbolize sexually?"


What I detect is a strong superficiality, a masochistic tendency to conformity at all costs, to please a soul-less institutionalized "dress code"...and the underlying reality, de-Enronized, is left to the side.

The big fuss over what an IT guy looks like? Very shallow perspective, overall.

Let's get even braver and examine what he should be doing to justify phenomenal ROI, sometime, somwhere.

"Dress Code" and "Smell Code" (over-perfumed or too heavily cologned staff is another tragic and underwhelming problem)...too busy to bother.

IT departments are on the chopping block. How shall we dress for this reality?

Posted by: vaspersthegrate Date: 03/20/06

Well vaspersthenotsograte you might start by not looking or sounding like...

a dumbassed schmuck.

And you opinion of large companies is completely wrong.

Yes some big companies, like Enron, have gone belly up but other companies grow to replace them.

I'm curious how old you are and how long you've been in the work force. You sound like a naive newbie, even if you aren't. Oh BTW you might be interested to know you have a grade 4 spelling error in your alias. I think you meant to say "great" and not "grate" which can be found at the bottom of cesspools, barbeques and fireplaces.


No, I meant "grate" not great, and I meant "vaspers" not vespers. I make almost no typos, and those I do make, I try to find and fix.

I sound like a newbie because I'm hostile to tradition, mediocrity, and herd mentality. Those who defend the Old Economy command and control structure are the dinosaurs being phased out, not me.

I don't have to push or defend or debate or yell, because I stand observing the relentless surge toward Equality, Democracy, and a New Economy. They aren't arriving, they're already here.

So all I'm saying in the "How Should IT Pros Dress?" discussion thread is that you have to accommodate ridiculous Harem Mentality dress codes when an important client is in, or when you have a board meeting, or a presentation to a new client. There are some occasions where a conventional business garb is called for.

But I attack the very root of the Wear What I Command tradition, and for this I am called "newbie" or "got an attitude" or "smelly hippie". Even "schmuck".

Form your own conclusion by reading the thread I've been contributing to, for kicks, at TechRepublic.

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