Monday, February 13, 2006

you can leave now

This is where Universal Democracy, Free Expression, and the real Blog Revolution are championed.

As the Brit-punk pioneer band the Mekons said at a recent concert (in faux Pakistani accent, which I love):

"If only 1% (one percent) of your mind wants you to leave, please go now. Because what will follow, it will not be good for you."

If you want to be:

* cowardly
* mediocre
* anti-American
* anti-Israel
* anti-blog
* anti-geek
* pro-porn
* unethical

you can leave now.

Don't ever come back to Vaspers the Grate.

I don't want you here. Go away now. Please unsubscribe your syndication feeds, cancel your email update subscription, delete from your blogroll, remove from your bookmarked favorites, this blog Vaspers the Grate.



Jim Turner said...

Amen! I think...

steven edward streight said...


It's good to hear from the Amen corner of this online congregation. Are any Hallelujahs out there this bright snowy morning?

I'll take an "amen I think".

It's better than silence, I think.

Jim Turner said...

Steven I wasn't sure if we were being anti-religion.

steven edward streight said...


I know that I am not anti-religion, if that means against seeking and abiding in truth, whatever that truth may be.