Monday, February 13, 2006

Why we work on our blogs

We struggle with our blogs and our inner selves. Blogging is hard work. You have to write and maintain your own blog, then go participate in the blogosphere. You better know that means posting comments on other blogs--the best blog promotion technique there is.

By way of your own posts at your blog, and by what you contribute in comments, to enrich other blogs, you are actively engaged in the Global Blog Conversation. We're all reading each other and talking to each other with our fingers dancing on keyboards, or speaking into voice recog crazy.

As a blogger you wage war against Mind Control...National Rivalries...Religious Persecution...Jihad...Crusade...and all other genocidal insanities of this broken world.

Just by posting frequently to your blog.

When you also not only write for your blog, but actually work on it, tweaking the template, enhancing the sidebar, adding links to multi-media platforms like online videos and podcasts, when you add a "Most Popular Posts" (or similar wording) list to your blog, with linked post titles...

...when you creatively work on your blog, for the benefit of your audience, you are stabbing tyranny in the depths of its heart.

You must completely understand what happens metaphysically when you blog, when you type your words into the digital effluvium.

We can never be totally satisfied with anything, including our blogs. Why? Because our intended audience is always changing, always dis-sastisfied and searching, having new problems, new questions, new discoveries.

Nothing is perfect in itself, exactly as it is. That is anti-revolutionist talk. The status quo Old Economy, Unilateral Media machines grind out the lie that we can affirm whatever we are, and sit on ourselves.

"Be content, without bothering about any transformational motivations. Just buy products and accept these beliefs," the MSM screams loudly everywhere you go.

"You are fine, just as you are," is a lie. You are broken, your family is broken, your life is broken, and your blog is broken. All things are in eternal need of repair, renovation, and reform. So many things are wrong and inadequate, one wonders where to start.

Start like this: take a look at your Archives list in your blog's sidebar.

Your monthly archives list shows how long you've been sweating away, pounding furiously on your blog content, template, and promotions. If your past posts are in better shape, are archived by categories relevant and clear to your readers, then those category folders are testimony to the richness of your blog communications.

You're a communications specialist. Why? BECAUSE: You, you crazy blogger, you've got the guts and awe-struch curiosity to begin grappling with the problems, hard work, and sporadic joys of blogging.

Blogs are still leading edge, and few have the determination to see a blog all the way through to the bitter end.

You're smarter and quicker technologically than most business and professional people.

You've been an Early Adaptor, a Third, Second, or First Wave Blog Pioneer, forging now the infamously brilliant Blogosphere 4.0, the radiant realm of uncensored, aggressive multi-media, multi-phonic super blogs.

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