Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome new blog Southern At Heart

Let's welcome newcomer blog Southern At Heart.


I bet Mary Beth, of Life in the Desert blog


will like the photos here, some terrific shots of Tennessee trees.

And the unique personality that comes across, the mystery, the human warmth, with the lyrics to that anti-drug song ("lsd girl") by Tom Petty in an early post.

I like to encourage new bloggers to install basic policies (how to handle irate comments, how fast to reply to comments, how to blog safely, without endangering children, etc.), strategies (what to post about, which is easy: whatever you are PASSIONATE about, hopefully in a wise, educated manner), and blog protection (Word Ver, CoMod, Siglink, EVer, captchas, Registration).

I posted a comment, suggesting she consider jumping on some Word Ver and Comment Mod to protect her blog from spambots and abusive cyber vandals, trolls, gnomes, haspbaskets, slinky dinks.

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