Saturday, February 18, 2006

the unspeakable curse of Nice Blogging

Paul Short is right. The blogosphere is a mess. It's so lame, I'm ashamed to be a part of it.

Bloggers are dropping like flies, abandoning their blogs as "failures"...and I don't condemn them, nor do I call them sissies, but come on. What in tarnation is going on around here? Everywhere I turn I see wimpy, light-in-the-loafers bloggers talking about cordial conversations, polite speech, gentle persuasion.

Nice Blogging is a curse, a blotch, a disgrace. If you're a Nice Blogger, I pity you, I really do. If you want to be kissy face with every rotten jerk on the planet, that's your problem. It's not Real Blogging to pamper the weak-ass chumps who whine about "A List Hegemony", "hopeless blog activity", and "negative comments".

You actually think corporate executives speak "professionally", "politely", "maturely" as they drink their Blue Moons with orange twist and plot their next scam on consumers? You really believe you have to have a supportive, soft, simpering environment in your blog? Sucka foo!

Blogs started by people with nothing to say, no talent, poor writing skills, defective logic, crybaby narcissism, or general malaise? They will not last. They deserve the obscurity they create by their lack of guts and zeal.

Once you start down the slippery slope of Nice Blogging, never using anger as a tool, as mentioned profoundly in the BlogHer 2005 "Flame, Blame, Shame" podcast, you end up with nothing but sewage, debris, wimped-out boredom.

No, not everybody has to be hostile or aggressive all the time. But damn, if you're an Approval Addict, you are a complete loser idiot to start a blog. Your little innocent stupid dreamworld will crash and burn super fast, with that ridiculous attitude.

If you pamper the whimpering underachiever crybabies, you'll fall in line with China style censorship and all the rest of the Neo-fascist garbage out there.Send Me A Message


carrie said...

it leaves me sick at heart to think that it has to be this way.

i'm not sure that hatefulness and anger accomplish anything.

i think it just creates misunderstandings.

i struggle in my own life to stop anger from controlling me.

people who never get angry have a problem, yes. we will get angry... but, do we have to allow our anger to show? isn't that a sign of weakness? doesn't the other person win when they see you lose it? isn't that what they want? so they can feel superior to you?

steven edward streight said...

What they want is to walk all over us.

Jesus got angry and overturned the money changers tables and whipped the poor innocent animals out of the temple.

I like that.

Chris Ritke said...

1st off: You're blog is looking good! At least in my Firefox.

2nd: This post really brought it home for me. Damn - you're right. Again.

I'm being nice. Again. Darn. Stop it, Chris. Stop! Be mean.

Next time! I'm going to be mean next time. Hostile. Agressive. You just wait.

qjvfzdy to you too.

steven edward streight said...

It makes me ill to think of how passive and people-pleasing we have become: tolerant, permissive, weak, spineless, paranoid of "offending" they walk all over us.

I just found out how government and business refuses to acknowledge carpal tunnel syndrome, calling it "female hysteria" and such.

Computer generated illnesses, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), etc. blamed on "drama queening".

The real misunderstanding is this: they want you to shut up, bend over, and take it.

steven edward streight said...

Chris: thanks for the input on my blog design. I think I linked to the designer's site in my sidebar.

I googled "free blogger template" I think, and found Martijn.

Chris Ritke said...

Ha! After writing that comment I could feel the anger rising in my - well - whatever it rises in. I just tried being mad on my blog. Don't know if it's worth anything - but I do feel better now. Howard Beale is flashing through my mind right now.

Get mad. Blog. Feel Better. Repeat.


Chris Ritke said...

Um - yeah. It's me again. I did have one more thing to say on this. There are blogs out there that just brighten up your day. They make you smile. Make you laugh. No hostility or agressivness called for at all. This is one of them:

wdcdbcw. No, it's zkuipf. Darn it. Maybe I am a machine after all.

steven edward streight said...

'Chris: yes, there are nice simple peaceful blogs out there for those who need an oasis. I like serene tranquil blogs.

Nothing wrong with happy blogging.

All I mean is: don't let flamers push you around. Most are, and I will say this till my head falls off, 13 year old males who worship Harry Potter and bite their own farts.

I'm a really mild, laid back, joyful guy...until I get on my blog, check out who is attacking my friends or my beliefs.

Then the war begins.

carrie said...

jesus also said turn the other cheek... love those who persecute you.


steven edward streight said...

But Jesus, like my other hero Socrates, loved debate.

Jesus argued with the Pharisees, called them "hypocrites, whited sepulchres, vipers, sons of the devil, liars, spawn of satan".

Jesus was hostile, angry, and hateful to the jerks who oppressed women, widows, orphans, the poor and disabled.

All great spiritual and intellectual geniuses had plenty of seething hatred for what was wrong in society.

Jesus, Socrates, Buddha, Derrida: not pussy chumps. Not at all.

Only the mediocre cowards shy away from confrontation. I say this as a man, we have a different style of conflict resolution.

insain in the membrain said...

I love Carrie- I have to say though, that there are times that turning the other cheek are sensible, like if by saying something at that moment you could put your self or child at risk by some crazy in the street, i did live on the streets in California my teenage years. The rest of the time I say let'em have it. People need to know that if they cross you then they will get a foot in ass. We then fall back to, to each is own.

steven edward streight said...

I over-reacted to a flamer, who we now believe to be a 13 year old boy [audible sob and sniffles], I trashed him and spammed him and said horrible hateful things to him.

When defending my friends and allies, I may err in overkill...but it also freaks flamers out, and they may think twice before flaming any of my colleagues in this crazy world of blogging.

I keep forgetting that women are shocked at how we guys kick each other in the private parts, just for beginners, in our squabbles.

But female-to-female cat fights against mommy bloggers, now that can get really ugly, and the women don't mind that kind of combat.

I'd rather be too brutal to an arrogant enemy, than be too soft and weak.

By wimping out, we partner with the abuser: encouraging them to continue their attacks on other people.

Anyone who knows me offline will tell you, I'm sure, that I'm a gentleman and a relaxed, easy going guy. Just don't get in my face with any BS.

The amazing thing is this: I'm constantly proclaiming that most flamers are 13 year old boys who worship Harry Potter and eat their own farts.

This theory has been verified.