Wednesday, February 08, 2006

triumphalist blogging explained

Triumphalist Blogging means you boldly, aggressively state your idea, opinion, observation, analysis. You don't care what anybody thinks. While you may not be trying to antagonize anyone personally, you deal with concepts and have no interest in cry-baby coddling.

You love your country, family, employer, faith, career, club. But you're above them all, watching, noticing, assessing, and either praising or criticizing, attacking or building. This is revolutionary, because most people hover over only their tiny little insignificant egos and goals.

I advocate deconstructive analysis and grassroots sterilization of domination systems, starting with the dismantling of ego.

How about getting rid of the iron grip your narcissism has on your True Self?

Wanna destroy? Then destroy craving. That is the First Revolutionary, Triumphalist Act that initiates and anoints all the rest. Destroy selfishness. Destroy random fantasizations. Destroy disharmony. Destroy egotism, patriarchy, consumerist idolatry, mammonist psycho-exploitation business attitudes. Destroy Enron mentality and WorldCom immorality. It's all there...within you and within me.

Let's destroy all the petty personality dysfunctions within us. Think before you speak. Contemplate and consult before you make a plan and act according to it. Question your own opinions and habits. "What is it about me that sucks? What can I do next to nix my decadent desires?"

Let that meditation mix with your social reform fervor, and you'll be alright, I guess.

The True Self is what gestures out from within your blog. It seeks to grab hold of other suffering and noble True Souls.

How can you separate ethics from business? Who would wish to do so? Someone who has Already Separated the Two, that's who.

I am considering the founding of a Bloggers Emergency League, a Web Professionals for Ethical Computing Association, to go up against the "webmaster organizations" consisting of charalatans, spam-instructors, virus-tutorials, cracking tips, DDOS procedures, and other malware mongers and deviant cyber criminals.

How can I separate my social concerns from my web analysis?

While a physician will not judge his patient's lifestyle and sexual preferences, he is authorized to issue cautions, diets, medications, therapy, and other therapeutic invasions into the ambient-controlled, diseased system of your craven, slop-loving infrastructure.

So this is the Heart of Blogocombat.

Triumphalist Blogging is having an over-riding Passion for something, and that Passion is so Sober, Tough, Aggressive, leaves a path of devastation in its wake.

You write a post, without flinching. Without paranoia pondering. With no morbid misgivings. You Just Write, you can't help it. It forces itself to flow out from within you.

You are a blogger.

You have no choice.

Triumph...or die in obscurity, uncertainty, and shame.

Blogging REQUIRES Passion, Dedication, Aggression, Receptivity, Gentleness, Diplomacy, and Shock and Awe tactics intellectually. That's why few stick with their blogs. They didn't realize what they were getting into.

Triumph...not "dominate" or "manipulate".

Triumph...not "reconcile" or "retreat".

Triumph...not "bully" or "be a Know It All".

Triumph...unzip and install your opinions, your truth, your insight.

Triumph...for the good of country, family, morality, efficiency, prosperity, spirituality, post-modernity, the blessed union of all humanity.

The miserably servile customer appeasement program: let it now begin.

Stay Tuned Yo FlameHeads.

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