Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tom Peters' talent revolution

I just received in my groovy bungaloo mailbox, a copy of "Talent: develop it, sell it, be it" by Tom Peters. A kind person in his office sent it to me, simply because I happened to say something nice about Tom's "Design" book in the same series.

Tom Peters
is innovative in all things. Did you hear me? Everything he touches turns innovative. Especially his books. Tom reminds me of a hybrid composed of Deming, Drucker, Derrida...or is it Andy Warhol, William Carlos Williams, and Wyatt Earp?

Tom Peters books are often a topsy-turvey ride in a rocketized rollercoaster, spewing forth Proverbs-type aphorisms and axioms like it was child's play. The element of play and a deep understanding of Dada-Deconstructionist artistic text enhancement. His books.

Now this: "Talent". It's another revolutionist manifesto for clobbering Mediocrity.

You think Vaspers the Grate makes bizarre, non-mainstream remarks? You wuss. Look at top business management guru Tom Peters sometime. How about this...

"Volunteer for Crappy Jobs"

"Become a Rapid Prototyping Maniac"

"Hoard = Lose. Share = Win"

"Distinct or Extinct"

"The Re-imagining of the Individual"

"Each career consists of numerous mini-careers, with time-outs along the way."

I love that last line especially, for I have had several "time-outs", including breaking my lower spine twice. Whoopee. But with that and frozen shoulders from computer abuse, I am a slightly handicapped Twist & Writhe blogger.

Michael Slind, Godfrey Design, Dawn Henderson, and DK Publishing have done a fine job presenting Tom Peters on the total revolution in talent: this is happening NOW.

Thanks m'lady C for the free book! Full review coming soon here. I hope.


[signed] steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate

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