Monday, February 13, 2006

There is no A list: blog metaphysician report

The blogosphere is a level playing field. Each blog is equal to all other blogs.

Blog Voice knows no metrics.

Bloggers are created equal, in terms of communication and networking. The blogosphere is one, indivisible, a unity, in the technological sense. As such, there is no hierarchy, no privilege, no ranking according to anything.


Typing words into space.

The digital effluvium, discounting the porn blog asshats.





The digital effluvium.

The space of the empty Mallarmean post template, its purity and innocense about to be ruined by the influx of your enlanguaged unconscious drives filtered and genuflected in visible sentences that stream from mind to fingers to eyes on the other side.

If the metaphysical, electro-telepathic nature of blogging doesn't make your skin crawl, you don't know enough about it yet. I don't mean to criticize, but to critically examine the blogosphere, you must not stare only at charts, lists, and rankings.

Some of the most revolutionary, world-destroying blogs are obscurities no MSM journalist will ever know anything about.

Vaspers the Grate, for example, is an ascetic blog.

Tito Colliander,
The Way of the Ascetics


"Once again, be silent! Let no one notice what you are about. You are working for the invisible one; let your work be invisible. Keep hidden and as inconspicuous as possible....Do not talk about yourself, of how you slept, do not state your views unasked, do not touch upon your own wants and concerns.

All such talk only nourishes your self-preoccupation. Do not seek higher posts and higher titles: the lower the position of service you have, the freer you are. Be satisfied with the living conditions you now have.

Do not be prompt to show your learning or skill. Contradict nobody and do not get into arguments. The truly humble person escapes notice: the world does not know him, for the world he is mostly a "zero".

Gradually clip off as many strings as possible that bind you to the external world.

The world is the veil of dark flames that surround the heart and shut it out from the tree of life."


NEW! Theory of

For us Invisi-Bloggers, there is no A list, no little blogger, no big blog.

Just a blogosphere full of passion messages on fire in a robo-bionic ocean of flames.

As no lover compares his poems to his betrothed to poems by Shakespeare or Rimbaud, so no blogger in her or his right mind will despair of not "making" some list. That would betray a deep and abiding lack of insight into ones own mind and into the act and impact of blogging.

You blog your head off, and forget about lists.

Except this: study the high traffic blogs, most of which are not personal, business, or marketing, but are political or techno-geeky. Visit them, study their writing style, their brevity or prolixity, their sidebars and buttons, how many comments they get or don't get. You might be shocked at how many high traffic blogs get so few comments while obscure blogs are riddled with remarks.

Each blog creates its own neighborhood. Or better: each blog attracts a neighborhood, an online community, a fan base, a network of loyal colleagues, and that's all that matters. It's like leaving a message on a telephone answering machine or voicemail. Those who are worthy of your words will pick up, will hear you speak through the floating cyberpage of your disembodied thoughts glowing blackly on a computer screen, and may even call you back, leave a comment.

Forget the bums who abandon your blog. Forget the link pop tracking and metric analytics.

Keep writing for The Universe, whose Eyes are on you all the time.

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