Saturday, February 11, 2006

terrorists are crybaby bullies

Once again the MSM (Morbid/Main Stream Media) acts like cowards and wimps, cowering before the...

Biggest Sissies of All History...

Islamo-Fascist Mind Control Pussies...

The laughable Crybaby Bullies.

Many MSM newspapers, for example, refused to reprint the funny Mohammed cartoons. Did they "fear" Radical Muslim Islamo-Fascist Sand Nazis?

Little goofy camel Hitlers, they betray the noble and compassionate lifestyles of good Muslims all over the world.

They need to clean house, clean up their faith, disinfect their religion,

tart reading the Quran itself..

and skip the commentary by dopey hate monger mullahs


Islamo-Fascists want your son to die for their god.

A god like that is a sickening monstrosity.

♥A god like that is doomed for an eternal toilet.

Big Bad Rocket Launching, Suicide Bomber Terrorists---scared of a CARTOON?

They can abuse women, scream for genocide of Jews, kill journalists, and burn Bibles and Dhammapadas and Bhagadvitas, but the whole freaking world has to honor their prophet...or die?

Scared of, "offended by", a CARTOON. Sounds like Crybaby Bullies to me. They hate the cartoon, because they hate Independent Thinking and Free Expression. Totalitarians always hate satire, critique, questions.

As an Ethical Anarchist Mind-Science Pacifist, I am deeply faux offended that the MSM can make fun of "austere" Buddhists, "meat is murder" Vegetarians, "tree-hugging" Environmentalists, "anarchist" Anti-Globalists, "puritanical hypocrite" Christians, "pie in the sky" social scientists, "geek" computer adepts, and "pajama clad no-edit bloggers"

...but "don't want to offend" a certain class of murdering pillaging religious psychos???

Is it because they've got good oil and good dope? They have sand and mountains and gasoline and heroin. No wonder we bow before the biggest child and woman abusers in history. Western World is hooked on their "wine of commerce that maketh the nations of the world to stagger like drunkards" (Revelation).

The mystical Wine of Commerce is the Heroin/Oil demon.

Homicidal Psychos of Any
Faith or Political Party:
eat yourselves and die
of food poisoning.

I will quote now a few statements that I read this morning in the Star Tribune online.

"The Big House: Discretion on cartoons draws some Bronx cheers" by Tim O'Brian (Feb. 10, 2006.

NOTE: Why do online newspapers typically, from what I've seen, NEVER embed hypertext links in their articles? This is poor netiquette, laziness, or ignorance. You'll see a word or name in bold type, but it's not clickable.

They're on the internet, but don't know or care how the internet works. And the MSM wonders why their public trust level continues to nose-dive with dizzying speed.


...Do you publish newsworthy images that a segment of the population finds highly offensive, even blasphemous? Most newspapers (including the Star Tribune) took a pass.

Discretion may be the better part of valor, but in the blogosphere, it's considered just plain chicken.

"The news is often offensive," wrote Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine (1). "Murder is offensive. War is offensive. There are no end of images, in photos and words, that offend in the news -- and often that is why they are news. If the news becomes only that which is offensive to no one, we end up with what some people have long wanted: Just good news."

Chip D at Lake Minnetonka Liberty (2) chides the Star Tribune for its decision not to publish the cartoons. "I find 'Air America' quite offensive. So do I go protest, kill people, or whine about it? No, I do the common sense thing. I don't listen to it. So pandering to a bunch of kooks makes no sense to me whatsoever."


I laugh when secular journalists weep about "respecting Islam and Muslims" when the same journalists scorn and mock people of Other Faiths all the time. Screw this charade. Just give me some Truth, Courage, and Aggressive Delivery of Freedom from Tyranny.

"Don't Step on Me"

"Freedom of AND from Religion"

"Give Me Liberty or...
Give Me the Asses of
those who oppose it."

[signed] steven edward streight
aka vaspers the grate


zafu said...

Have you read the one about the 5th grade bully who grows up to be a refrigerator repairman? Now he wanders the earth, forever doomed to hearing snickers behind his back from people staring at the crack of his ass peeking out of his pants.

zaf said...

But let's not forget that bullies are people, too. People don't function in vacuums.