Monday, February 06, 2006

SSC: Simplified Secret Coding

Hereby a brief introduction to simplified secret coding is given, via whisper transmission mode 1: for beginners. Though for newbies, I will inject some obfuscation in the explanation, just enough to throw ne'er-do-wells and nasty pants off track.

When you document publicly a clandestination device, you must always toss some "noise" into, some error, to thwart those who would attempt to use the tools for evil purposes. Disinformed enemies are weak enemies. Dirty hands cannot handle deter-agent sergeants. A surgent pageant.

Abruption = sudden interjection or insertion or insinuation of a divergent thread within a random spot in the presentation of a dis/similar icon.

Wobs = word obfuscations with such devices as mis-speilings, archaic nominators, infinite idiom, or faux definitions for pseudo-terminology.

Soon, when the UN or other Domination System controls the internet, web, and blogosphere, we will either remain a SSC bloggers speaking over public channels to each other, or we will use RSS-like poller/aggregators to communicate on covert channels, like the shortwave code song stations (see Archive dot org expose, will put URL in here later, so check back.)

Also delib mis-use of words. As I do here with my mis-use of "meta" below. Thought sprinkling iin another good tecneek, as are mis-spellings, phonetic granging, thread-skipping, and mis-identifiers mixed with improper syntax.

Thread-skipping is one of my favorite techniques. I rarely use it in Vaspers, but then again, most SSC techniques are used ever.

One revelatory technique is to publicly disclose outmoded code mixed with neutral entry code, to totally confuse the issue for ne'er-do-wells. Did I mention that I wage meta-electronic war against select targets, like porners and spammers?

Only 3Ders ill under.


The underground Chinese Christian "church", reverting to original meaning of "group assembled for meeting", with no conotations of such trendy descriptors as "worship service" (a horrible phrase--like "surgical parade"), and use other words for "Jesus", "pray", "meet secretly", "Bible", "violent overthrow", "militant democracy movement", "metaphysical saboteur", and "non-conformity".

Bloggers in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, Israel, Vatican, Antarctica, Belgium, Mexico, and Finland cam be known as "blagoteurs".

Blag = attack blog, a blog in offense mode, like this one.

An easy way to turn regular text into crypto-wording is truncation, chopping off the last part of a word or phrase. You see truncation in email inbox message intros, where the remaining words are represented by ellipsis (...).

Meta SSC is using one word to stand for another associated word. Like using the word "dig" for "search engine hunt for a word or phrase".

Acronyms are the third form of SSC, and just check the military for great examples of such things. An acronym is a speakable series of first letters of a series of words. Like: RAT for "Returning Authority Terror".

When you write an email to a close friend, you can experiment with Simplified Secret Coding. Then, as you build a user base of SSC adepts, you may start a new blog with, or convert your current blog into, SSC language.

SSC Truncations/Meta/Acro:

noti = "notification"
aic = "and I can"

sing = send a message

dig = search engine search

usab = "usability"

RAT= "returning authority terror"

obsv= "observation" or "observe" (command)

0 = zero used in place of letter "o", [to obfuscate]

c0 = code oyster [lc "c" + zero], a secret rendering that contains a secondary level of disguised meaning

spuer = sentry placed under electronic reconnaissance

weep = wither enemy entrants permanently

spec = speculate

invE = investigate electronically

m-tsk = multi task

meat ache = meteoric mistake (a goof up that gets routed across the blogosphere as "buzz")

bSr= blogospheric realm

blSr = bloatospheric realm (splogs, pseudo blogs, blogoid objects, etc.)

blur = blogger

sudoN = pseudo encryption

sudoB = pseudo blog

c-B = code blog (not programming code, but secret code)

Bcom = blogocombat

3D = freedom (democracy, debate, dissent)

I've revealed some basics of extensive-expression extrusions (wtm 2).

Hope this helps you bloggers in Repressive Countries where they try to control your thinking. Your oppressors only craft their own rewards. No power is greater than Truth and its battle-axe wife Freedom.

Fight Mind Control
with Word Collimations

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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steven edward streight said...

This via email from Zafu, my virtual staff reporter/geek goddess of VTG:


Hey Steve,

This is in Spanish, but I thought you'd want to hear about it anyway.

It's a blog that's created by a script. The mind behind it belongs to a guy on an automated art mailing list I subscribe to.

Basically, the script finds text on the internet, translates it into English, then back to Spanish.

AS you may know, processes similar to this have been used by surrealist artists. The results are sometimes very interesting to read, and suggest something human in spite of the presence of the machine.

Hope you like it.



VAspersian reply:

I also like you like Net Art. Few people even today know what ASCII art or Net Art are.

Net Art is using the internet to make and distribute art, often collaborative art.

I have been involved in some collab net art investigations, and have seen spam scummers pose as artisitic experimenters.

I have seen many net art contraptions and have a list of some of the better net art practice sites in the sidebar of my Art Test Explosion site.

I have experienced net art games that simulate a computer virus, one was a windows prolif program that openedd prolific amounts of non-cascading + cascading, dancing windows on your browser.

I....I shall say no more.

Your word grabber sounds like Simulated Pseudo Automatic Writing Machines of cubist imaginations.