Saturday, February 18, 2006

she-bloggers and flames at BlogHer 2005

The first podcast I ever allowed to usurp my continuous ragga junglist DJ music CDs that blare outta my

"Flame, Blame, Shame"

BlogHer 2005 panel discussion
with: Sabater, Spertus, Valdes-Rodriguez
plus: Amy Gahran, Heather Armstrong (Deuce), etc.

It was hard to keep up with who was saying what, as I cleaned my upstairs office (the entire second floor of our bungalow).

Cogent Points (from hasty notes):

* "Flamers see you as a mirror of them. They insist that you be just like them. The more they find out about you, the more they will hate you." [Because the more they discover that you differ from them, even in little petty details: rage and uproar.]

VASPERS: narcissistic collapse of flamer, insecurity betrayed by argumentative attitude.

* "I use anger as a tool, to get attention for an important issue that I think others are ignoring."

VASPERS: Amen, sister she-blogger. Amen and Hallelujah!

* "There are drive-by zealots, anonymous or with aliases. As such, you can't go to their blogs and debate or defend your position."

VASPERS: This anon/alias flaming is the ultimate in wussy cowardice. Mostly 15 year old males who worship Harry Potter and bite farts.

* "Women bond with sweetness, even in debates. Men bond by bragging and hostile debate."

VASPERS: How true. Usually, in my observation and experience, once you clobber the crap out of another guy, you become friends forever. But if a man refuses to fight back, you despise the wussy chump.

* Heather Armstrong: "I was getting 300 to 400 comments per day. As a new mother, there was no way I could keep up with it. The technology [for comment moderation] has not kept up with the audiences."

VASPERS: Heather is the only mommy blogger I like, and that's because she was fired for blogging about her boss, the turd chomping screwfish.

* "Men use select words to trivialize women writers and bloggers. Women are called drama queens, histrionic, hysterical, hissy fit, catty, etc."

VASPERS: That's why I hate male domination systems and patriarchy. Those guys who beat up on women, everyone knows they are, as my wife says, "light in the loafers", i.e., no gonads, no scrotum, no testicles.

* "If a book has stripes or the color pink anywhere on the cover, it's demeaningly called a Chicklet book."

VASPERS: Male doofus chumps.

* "When mommy bloggers say anything at all about their parenting skills or methods, other mommy bloggers trash them mercilessly, relentlessly, it gets real ugly real fast. Women like to tear down other women when it comes to being a mother."

VASPERS: Another reason why most mommy blogging is a bad idea. Plus baby snatchers, online predators. Did you know that perverts take your child photos and do nasty things with them? Stop it, mommy bloggers.

Blog ABOUT your baby, if you *must*, with no details about where you live, but *never* display photos that enable predators to identify the child by face.

Use PhotoShop or other graphic software to distort slightly, fuzz, obfuscate the image. I use "brush strokes" to turn a little nephew photo into an impressionistic painting.

BTW: I say "she-bloggers" because it sounds scary, like "werewolf". I aim to frighten male chauvinistas.

Yours for catastrophic blogging,

Vaspers the Grate
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