Saturday, February 04, 2006

The secret of Post Secret, part 1

Is Post Secret the most successful Blogspot blog ever?

Walk into any Barnes & Noble bookstore, and what do you see in Recent Arrivals, greeting you as soon as you walk through the doors and smell the sweet coffee aroma?

Look around and you're bound to see it: that big brownish hardback book Post Secret.

Heft it down and lug it to a table, sit in the chair, and peruse.

What's the first thing you notice?

It's MTV.

MTV visuals in a book. A variation approximation.

Everything has to be MTV. This answers most questions advertisers ask. "Imitate MTV," is the most versatile and pliant solution in the history of marketing.

Marketing: turning an object into merchandise for sale, lease, loan, or free; the strategy and mechanisms that provide a framework for selling or distributing an item of promotional value (that, by being made familiar and desirable, causes additional beneficial effects to the party doing the marketing, or the party's client on behalf of whom the marketer is acting).

MTV and MTV News have already defined all marketing for almost everything. Since no one has had the chutzpah to say this to you in no uncertain terms, I decided I would do the honors.

MTV has single-handedly made humans hungry for fast clip visual candy euphoria, combined with moving music.

Culture analysts and urban anthropologist apologetics make a big giga-fuss over such quirks. But this art spurt extravaganza, called MTV, forces everything, from church services to computer tutorials, to be in compliance, or be ignored.

So the secret to Post Secret, in this Part One of the story is: Post Secret is visually exciting, full of viewable curiosities, optical crash fun, pictures illustrating a "deep undisclosed hidden fact about me".

People are nosey. People are voyeurs, they like to Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee things.

You remember this the next time you do any marketing, blogging, or romancing.

For more on Post Secret, why I'm bored with it, and why it's so astonishingly successful, and a great ambassador for Art and Personal Blogging, stay tuned, of course, to Vaspers the Grate.

***"Write better than your rotting role models, think faster than the sluggish lollygagging of light."***--vaspers 02-2006

P.S. Is "Blueberry Boat" by The Fiery Furnaces the best music CD of 2005? I have only heard audio clips at Barnes & Noble, the best bookstore in the universe, but what I did hear was remarkable.

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René Vis said...

The Fiery Furnaces, I had never heard them before you mentioned the couple here. And indeed: they're very good.

One more example for my believe that major record companies and commercial media just refuse to show the masses there is more music than the crap they sell us, just because of all the dollars it brings.

I hope the Furnaces don't go for the big money. Just stay yourself and don't get "wrapped in golden chains" (as John Fogerty once said).