Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RSS scrapes, filters

I want you to understand something very clearly: RSS is a Revolution.

The Web empowered ideas to connect globally. Any thought can be attached to any other thought anywhere, thus producing infinite libraries of digital concept accumulation.

Both blogs and RSS are revolutions.

Blogs enable any individual to publish any material to a global audience.

RSS enables individuals to bypass all media domination systems and design our own channel selection hubs.

Blogs empower self-expression.

RSS empowers automatic info-streaming.

Blogs make you more communicative.

RSS makes you more informed.

Blogs give you public output voice.

RSS gives you private input control.

"...not all web sites publish syndication feeds.

So, some tinkerers have come up with scripts and applications that 'scrape' existing pages intended for people, extract titles and content from those pages, and republish that information in the form of machine-readable syndication feeds, thus allowing even sites lacking feeds to be pulled into your personal subscriptions....

If there are topics you're interested in, and you often find yourself repeating the same keywords on search engines, you could convert those searches and their results into feeds and maintain a continually updating feed of search results....

Filters can also separate out categories or topics of content into more tightly focused

--Leslie M. Orchard, Hacking RSS and Atom
(Wiley 2005), p. 13

RSS is like another email inbox, except it's ALL stuff you choose, you want, you need or like.

RSS can be like a multi-media entertainment, podcasts, video, music, IM, all RSS-empowered.

RSS feeds are your customized layer riding triumphantly on the waves of the web, bringing you a self-selected personalized web.

[vaspers the grate, steven e. streight]


MARYBETH said...

GOod Evening VTG,
So how do I ADD RSS to my blog??


steven edward streight said...

You could try Feedburner.

Just click on that big shiny Feedburner button, it's under "Feeds" Site Syndication in my sidebar. The link button will take you to their site.

You have to fill out some forms, partial or full feeds, some configurations.

You will be guided step by step, with explanations and help functions.

If it says "Recommended", do it.

Then you have to copy and paste some HTML code from their site to your sidebar. You template tweak yet?

That's for your readers to subscribe. All you need to display is that one Feedburner button, like I do. I added some other buttons, just to be fancy, but all the options are in the one button.

Then: for you to read RSS/Atom feeds from other blogs: download Newsgator or Awasu or the Avant Browser with embedded RSS reader or use the Firefox Wizz RSS reader.

All are free. All are easy to use. Just jump in and flounder around in it. Any questions, email or comment me.

Good luck. You're about to be one slick super tech blogger.