Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RSS opens the floodgates

RSS opens the floodgates of information you used to chase. Encumbered with blogrolls and bookmarks, fumbling with favorites and friends, the quest for answers, the influx of ideas...it was a heavy burden. Then RSS came along. Now we can command bots to go on distant journeys, and return with the echoing fruits of their polling.

As blogs functionalize private vectors in the inescapable web vortex, so, in like manner, RSS is your super selected channels confabulation.

RSS is your customized internet surveillance system. You subscribe to feeds, aggregate updates, and read the output.

Manually visiting sites is like walking.
RSS feeds delivered to you is like riding in a space shuttle.

It's like nice snooping. Your aggregator/reader is your obliging servant, obediently doing the racing around, checking for fresh postings, accumulating them, then offering you ways to format, file, and view them. It's nice, because the content providers wish to disseminate ideas and foster a riotous conversation cloud to fill the entire universe with talkative opinions and delirious data streams.

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