Friday, February 10, 2006

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Blog name

My new Squidoo web site, which needs a lot of work, hangs out in the blogosphere by the street name of Revolutionary Army of the Infant Blog.

I had this feeling that I had heard something similar once.

When I googled around, I stumbled upon an odd fact.

Oddly enough, there's a music band called "Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus".

[QUOTE from RadRockers site]

Against all the odds, this legendary U.K. band's classics have been
re-issued on a 2 CDR Set in very limited quantities.

Their debut album, The Gift Of Tears, and the follow-up, Mirror, have been re-issued on 2 CDRs, with five bonus tracks not released on the original LPs, giving rise to the sub-title Le Liturgie Pour Le Fin Du Temp.
It’s a poetic evocation of the Europe of the imagination, with the haunting beauty and sometimes harrowing intensity of a dream; an intoxicating montage of motifs and images blended to invoke a sense of timeless enchantment and ethereal bliss.

Eclectic to the max, it blends Eastern European Catholic/Russian Orthodox mystical Christianity, Mid-Eastern/Meditteranean romanticism, and gypsy wanderlust.
Disc 1 features:
'Come Holy Spirit,' 'Tales From Europe,' 'The
Miller,' 'De Profundis,' 'The Singing Ringing Tree,' 'Beauty After the Fall,' 'Dreams (Awakening Of A Child's Mind),' 'Lament (Ashes In the Water),' 'Transfiguration' and 'Communion' from The Gift Of Tears.
10 songs TT: 49:28

Disc 2 features:
'Shadowlands,' 'Immaculado,' 'Joy Of the Cross,' 'Hymn To Dionysius,' 'Nostalgia,' 'Theme de L Homme qui ne croyait pas en lui-meme,''Psalm,' 'Nativity,' 'Man Of Sorrows' and Theme Reprise' from Mirror + 'Le Monde Du Silence' and 'Dies Irae' from La Liturgie Pour La Fin Du Temps.
12 songs TT: 58:39


signed ste, tc.

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