Friday, February 17, 2006

Putting the "fear" back into "blogosphere"

[photo: "Fist of Light" (at CamWorld blog) by Cameron Barrett, blog pioneer extraordinaire]

We define ourselves by what we like, what we do, what we are. But we are also defined by if, and what, we fight against. You can be peaceful and still engage in combat of various types. Even gentle Guatama Buddha warred against craving, superstition, hostility, ignorance, and the harming of other beings. Mother Theresa fought against suffering. Gandhi fought against political oppression. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought racism.

Have you picked an enemy to convert, an evil to reform, a wrong to correct, a societal ill to heal, a professional incompetency to thwart, an error in policy to change, a condition to overcome?

You won't amount to much if you coast along, enjoying the ride, while others suffer and societies disintegrate.

"Top 10 To-Dos: (1) Fight the Power. Or rather: Be the power. So you have no (formal) power. So what? Gandhi had no 'power'. Martin Luther King, Jr. had no 'power'. Yet they moved nations. They were power."

--Tom Peters (Talent, DK Publishing, 2005, p. 99)

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