Friday, February 03, 2006

Post : atomic unit of your blog

I elevate the blog Post to the absolute highest level in the hierarchy of what makes a blog successful.

Forget SEO.

Forget praise gushing all over your precious blog, as friends and family stare in blank astonishment and exhilirating awe-euphoria.

Forget link pop directories.

Forget reader comments.

Forget A-listings.

Forget social media fame and fortune.

Work on that lowly little post.

It's the ticking time bomb of Blog Perfection and Blogospheric Riches, Hideous Acclaim, Horror Accolades, Hellish Approval from well wishers and wannabes.

The post in its degraded position of what the blogger feels obliged to grind out day after day. We seem to want fame and fortune, without vastly committing to our audience needs and massively improving our posts.

It's your daily post that is the snapshot of your world, or expertise, or experience, or pondering for that day.

What are we to do? In what specific obsessive ways are we to fuss over our blog posts?

Posts have titles. Improve that.

Posts have content. Write it shorter and smarter.

Posts have words. Use only the best.

Posts have personalities. Polish yours up.

Posts have possibilities. Highlight your dreams and hopes.

Posts have influentials. Bear your burden and wait to be discovered...finally!

Posts have offline defenders. Blog for your loyal lurkers and shrug off negative remarks from flamers.

Posts have multi-media potential. Have you embedded a link to a video blog, a "vlog", yet? Why not?

Posts have archives. Use relevant, user-worded archive categories of your expertise expressed in terms of user benefits, not your grandiosity.

The post is the atomic unit of your blog. You get that post right, and keep it right, keep posting explosively, unpredictably, heroically, transparently, radically, intelligently, creatively...and everything else will happen, too.

[signed] steven e. streight aka vaspers the grate

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