Friday, February 10, 2006

One minute tutorial on How to Start a Blog

Come on. Start a blog. Everybody's doing it. You won't get hooked. Just try some. I'll help you. Here. Take this post. See? You like it, don't you? Now sit here, next to me. You write something in my blog. Yeah. It's okay. Just type "signed: Guest Blogger..." and insert your name. Type that at the end of the post you write. Come on. Type something. Go on. Please. Think. What do you love passionately? Write something about it. Why do you like it? Write that then. Fine. That looks real nice. Now click on "Publish" and you're done. You're ready now to go start your own blog. With Bloggger, WordPress, whatever. Have a nice day.

1 comment:

Bill Lennan said...

who hoo, first comment!
I decided to drive the long way to work today. The weather is beautiful and the twisties were empty.
That was easy, thanks!