Thursday, February 09, 2006

music for the oppressed

If you've been thinking about exploring those energetic emergent music sites in my post "industrial reggae punk hybrids" and "Ambassador 21 kicks out the spams"...'s what I found most inspiring and pulverizing. Not for timid, "don't offend any killer psycho religious freaks" type of cowards.


1. how many people must die for your god? Unsane Virusez

2. Valentines Monster Zoku Onsomb
3. Soul on Fire Unsane Virusez
4. bamba jasch vs. super cat
5. sofaration Bamba Jasch Babylon
6. sufaration RMX Bamba Jasch Babylon
7. sufaration Unsane Virusez
8. fragment king Ambassador 21
9. revolution is a personal business Ambassador 21
10. Belarus Ambassador 21
11. new doctrine about trinity v. 2 Ambassador 21
12. War as Text Noize Punishment
13. cpu war trash star mo rmx Noize Punishment
14. mind crasher
15. bamba jasch vs. gunshot
16. dj scud vs. rude poets
17. skratch attack mix 004-012 Motorv8 & Swen Sieg
18. victory DIS
19. techno animal vs. topcat
20. dubplate 101 Tester
21. 15 pounds of positive DJ Dimdoz

That ought to get you fired up for some brazen blogging, fearing no fringe hysterical fanatic hate mongers, of any faith or party.

Don't let Ku Klux Klan, Revolutionary Armies of the Infant Leopold the Bald, Al Queda, Moonies, or any other cult scare you. Keep grinning in strident irreverent criticism.

Bold Free Expression of ANY viewpoint: it makes the world go round.

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