Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mohammed cartoon: Free Speech

"And you will know them by the trail of their dead."

This can be said of most any religion, paganism, nation-state, political ideology, commercial enterprise (think of all the walking-dead former Enron employees).

In the USA, we are known by the trail of dead enemies, but also by the traces of altruism, missionary zeal, public compassion, Marshall Plan world-community sensibility.

How are we to judge any religion or secular doctrine that calls for violent retaliation against what is "offensive" to it? Isn't this the Ultimate in Crybaby Bullyism? Cowards with covered faces look so grandiose as they continue attacking schools, mosques, synagogues, children, women, and others considered weaker.

A cartoon of some chap named Mohammed, his head caricatured as a blow-up ball? What appears to be a cannonball with a fuse coming out of it. Do they even make these things anymore? The first time I looked up the pretty word "anarchist", when I was a wee 13 years old, I saw a black ink line drawing of a man hunched over, holding one of these blow-up balls, a cannonball with a fuse coming out of it.

Mohammed Cannonball Head is offensive to Muslims? Perhaps this cartoon is not making fun of Mohammed, but rather: his alleged "followers".

I've read the authorized version of the Koran (Quaran) with accompanying commentary, a big beautiful green book. I read it two or three times, and got bored with the repetition, the story of Joseph from the Old Testament, over and over again, from slightly different angles supposedly.

I was disappointed in the seeming dearth of inspirational verses. However, the Buddhist and Christian sacred texts contain millions of inspiring, calming, encouraging thoughts. Even Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, Patanjali Yoga, Theosophy, Jain, Zorastrian, Third Path, Swedenborg, Blake, and many other mysticisms and faiths have an abundance of beautiful, wise sayings.

But I support all believers who struggle against the traitors in their faith, the televangelists, hustler gurus, and ascended masters of manipulation, that Christopher Locke is exposing and metaphysically harming in Mystic Bourgeoissie.

I admire Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Krishnamurti in their rebellions against illegitimate tradition, bashing the smug super rich, religious/political repression, and deceitful hypocrisy.

I like

* outdoor de-hypnosis seminars and sacrificial patriotism (Socrates)...

* free feasts for the poor and aggressively turning over tables in commerce zones [like blogs do] (Jesus)...

* telling fire worshipers that all cravings are on fire (Buddha)...

...and dissolving an order installed to herald one as a new age messiah lord Matreya (Krishnamurti).

What's wrong with the Muhammed cartoon?

IMHO, it did not go far enough.

It should have been a composite head of all religion, political, and commercial heroes of arrogant exploitation.

Instead of Mohammed's head as a cannonball with a lit fuse, it should have had violent lovers of God from all faiths, and redemptive violence/just war admirers.

Or a composite head of Humanity, with a fuse in one ear and a flower in the other. That would offend the inner nature of wo/man/kind. Our depraved polluted souls would rise up in smarmy revolt against the light of day.

Humanity is insanely violent. Not just Militant Islamo-fascism. We are all sick with the lust for hurting, screwing, and taking advantage of other sentient beings.

It's not wrong to poke fun at things you don't like or don't want to understand.

How do Militant Islamo-fascists "offend" Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Seiks, and Jains?

How many Bibles and Dhammpadas have well-meaning Muslims burned or banned?

Try carrying a Lotus of the True Law, Book of Mormon, Key to Science and Health, Divine Providence, or Gospel of John down the street in Saudi Arabia. It'll go over like a lead bullet, er, balloon.

As an Ethical Anarchist, I'm deeply faux offended that anyone anywhere has to die for something so stupid as a political agenda or party platform.

Don't die for your religion, make your religion die for you.

[signed and singing:] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


carrie said...

all i will say is that they feel that any depiction of muhammad encourages idolatry.

steven edward streight said...

So you combat "idolatry" with Murder and Destruction?

Free Speechers and Full Humans don't mind some teasing, irreverence, and outright hateful critic and parody.

Islamo-Fascists burn effigies of George Bush, a living, real person. It's okay for them to burn our President in effigy, but a little CARTOON is offensive to a god?

A god or prophet or savior who is offended by a cartoon is a bizarre god.

carrie said...

maybe the people feel that their religious belief should be respected.

i wouldn't say that the end justifies the means, though. it's hard to understand the belief that extreme violence perpetrated by humans would be God's will. that seems very old testament.

it does bring to mind the whole idea that there are both creative and destructive aspects of God/Reality....

it's all pretty intense, isn't it?

steven edward streight said...

I don't need a "sacred text" to tell me that Islamo-Fascists and their version of Allah and their interpretation of the Koran suck.

I love Muslims, but not more than Buddhists.

There is only the human race, our divisions are the source of all trouble: Republican, Democrat, Russian, Jew, Anarchist, Monarchist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, White, Black, Brown, Red, me...make me invisible.

Why should radical Muslims force us to do anything?

Screw them and their demonic blood-thirsty "god" of Murder and Repression of Woman.

Where are the militant feminists?

Why don't the Good Muslims kill all the Bad Muslims? They do, and it's increasing.

It's like American street gangs claiming to kill in the name of Jesus or USA Patriotism.
but not killer thugs who take any excuse to plunder, maim, and murder.

I have zero respect for Ku Klux Klan, Islamo-Fascists, White Supremacists, Viet Cong, Sudan genocide, etc.

If you have to kill and try to terrify people to enforce respect for something, that thing is evil.

Christian Televangelists and CEO Pastors are on my shit list right along with Islamo-Fascists and Ku Klux Klan.

I have no respect for anything unless it wins my respect.

I mostly respect the right of all people to be free from religious, political, and commercial Domination Systems.

Eagleberger said, "We Americans have become so 'tolerant', we now tolerate intolerance."

carrie said...


steven edward streight said...

I don't like discussing politics, but as a Christian-Buddhist-Universalist Pacifist and Ethical Anarchist, I must take a stand against all Mind Control, whether "political correctness" or "hate speech".