Monday, February 13, 2006

metaphysical value of blog

When we discuss the unknown and hidden, we often let our thoughts trace a vector that is known to intersect with the metaphysical. In this path we find our own reflection, glancings that emit their own look and looking, that traverse both the patterns and the interior. Thus, your distancings fold back upon the residue of what was never there in the first place, but was installed later, which means: never. By turning toward what was almost present, we fix it with the bayonet of love and turbulences that break upon the shores of any more triviality. It's the effluvium we're after, is it not? Or could it be effrontery? The effectual egress of your inner anythings, their eternally emergent nature, all this collides with the shadow people, those without a web presence, without a blog or email account, those who hate self-disclosure, due to having something to cloak. With this ammunition as our guide, we plunder through the vast dormancy of their sluggishness, usefulnesses appearing mysteriously, all over the plasticity of it. Yet, still, we see no more clearly until it all falls into space. That empty post template, staring with pure white intensity, burning its buttons into your soul's furniture and appliances. This mistake, this glaring error, merely scowls all the more hideously as you gaze at it with eyes perfectly closed, shut off from all outward show of light, impervious to any photonic stimulus. At this point, in the nearest darkness of depth, a flicker of shade occurs, a denser patch of oblivion. It leads you time and again into the correct vision, the seeing of the past that will arrive just as soon as we finish destroying the future for those who wish to poison, those who are cast into outer daylight to rot in the rays of BLOG TRUTH.

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