Wednesday, February 08, 2006

manbot your site: link surveillance

To "manbot" your site means to act like a spider, a poller, to stream manually through your blog or web site. What for?

To check every link in your site.

I just added a bunch of links to my sidebar, especially under "Blog Tools". So, that means I have to test those links, to make sure I typed them correctly. (Assuming that I wrote it down, or copy and pasted it, correctly to begin with.)

Now I click each text link and discover a couple that are "broken", not "link rot" where it leads to a Not Found error message, but a domain name seller or some other usually dubious portal.

So now I go back and compare my written notes with what I typed in my blog template sidebar code.

I call this exploration, this surveillance of links, "to manbot".

You act like a machine, an automaton, a humanoid servo-mechanism, meticulously studying your blog and its HTML errors, errors that can cause blog trackers to mis-read your blog in a bad crawl.

The act of tweaking the template: "blacking" --"blog" + "hacking", thus bl [ogh] acking = blacking.

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