Monday, February 06, 2006

Look at Cubic Eye 3D platform

Cubic Eye

Via PC World:

[QUOTE from PC World dl pg.]

If you have a fast enough computer and enough memory, you can now get a peek at a possible browser of the future.

This 3D browser interface allows you to see and interact with 6 to 625 Web pages at one time.

The CubicEye environment is initially presented in the form of a cube; one page is directly in front of you, and there are additional pages to the left, right, top, bottom, and behind.

Links on every page are active, so you can navigate through the links on any or all of the panels.

This application needs a computer that can handle it, though. Minimum requirements are a Pentium III processor, 128MB of RAM, and a supported video card capable of 800-by-600-pixel resolution and 16-bit color, with 16MB of RAM or more.

Note: Currently the vendor for this product is not allowing users to download the trial version directly, but if you email them at:

download [at] 2ce [dot] com

they will send you a link and login information where you can access the download


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