Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Litany of Lies at Stinky Ugly Toys

You might like and understand what I'm doing at my Pseudo Personal Blog called Stinky Ugly Toys.

Stinky Ugly Toys

What I'm doing, and nobody else is, is mixing truth with embellishments, deliberate distorting and re-arranging some facts and faces, plus just dreaming up completely unrealistic and farcical fabrications, like jumbo pink ants on the moon and robot mushrooms on Mars--and admitting it UP FRONT.

Listen: NO...there are no Jumbo Pink Ants really existing and drug trafficking on the lunar orb, nor are there any known and documented and catalogued and heavily researched and widely publicized Robot Mushrooms on Mars. These are clearly and obviously utterly imagined phantasms of too much varnish on your milk biscuits.

Here's how my latest Impersonal Post, "Litany of Lies", begins. This is the opening paragraph of this true and untrue story:


The rocket pointed at my chest had a blue laser streaming vapidly with sick precision from the bitter poisoned tip of the blade's cutting teeth and ripping jaws encased in seething suspicions which were hideously sharpened by radioactive bio-harzardous sewage-drenched chainsaws of mediocrity and the gut-wrenchingly nauseating stench of an unclean spirit of error.


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