Thursday, February 02, 2006

Introduction to RSS

By way of introducing RSS, it's important to understand that RSS, Atom, and other content syndication technologies, represent the Irreversible Wave of Inevitability, a natural Historical Progression beyond interactivity and the web portal.

It's not enough that your readers can interact with your blog via comments and emails to you. A growing percentage of your readers also require the option to subscribe to your blog updates, which can be done through RSS/Atom or email. A smart blogger will provide both, as seen in this blog: FeedBurner RSS/Atom

and Bloglet email

Instead of you manually visiting webs and blogs for new content postings, RSS accumulates new postings and delivers them to your computer. The sites are sending content to you, instead of you going to them. And the content can be multi-media.

RSS and syndication systems are channeling blog posts, podcasts, product offerings, blog citations and links to your company, and much more.

In the early days of the web, web sites and services competed to be a user's "home page" or "start page". By providing lots of categorized external site links, and various functional widgets, the web site hoped to be "sticky", i.e., revisitable and increasingly time-absorbing.

They wanted surfers to visit their web site frequently, and wanted users to spend large amounts of time at each visit to the site.

The problem was that, if users are spending a lot of time at a site, it may be because they're confused, frustrated, and making mistakes or getting no results from their information foraging.

Today's concept, articulated recently by Jakob Nielsen, is to update a dynamic, author-managed blog platform, and to attract readers by frequent, relevant, reliable, credible, and immediately useful postings.

Our new blog-driven model is how communication reform and message dissemination is moving, further away from static web sites that grasp to explosive blogs that haunt. The readers keep thinking about a profound, provocative, or practical post.

Your blog eventually becomes a top of the mind choice for whatever your specialty may be (politics, blogology, marketing, inspiration, motherhood, shopping, business consulting, software design, web development, network security, safe computing, etc.)

You need to provide your blog readers with the option to subscribe to syndicated feeds of new postings.

What is RSS?

RSS is a new pipeline for information and media, forming a new layer of distribution and delivery channeling for data, ideas, media productions, news, opinions, marketing intelligence, competitive research, industry trends, and corporate blog monitoring.

RSS, Atom, and other forms of syndication enable users to customize a pre-surfed web continuum, a constant stream of relevant data and updates.

Result: you have better, more, and timelier information than your competitors.

Thus: you make less risky, less costly, less time-consuming moves in your market.

You owe it to your readers. Install some RSS/Atom feed options for your feed-savvy readers.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate

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