Wednesday, February 08, 2006

industrial reggae punk hybrids

Take equal parts hardcore punk, spliff-rasta wreck step, industrial dance, heavy beathouse, mixed it all up, mash it all together...

...then add sermons and poems of radical reform and collapsing domination systems, and what do you get?

It's hallucinatory, otherworldly, energizing. You never know when they're going to quote the Old Testament or say F You to corrupt cops and hyper-militancy. Suddenly a saxophone. Abrupt mood swings, with a firm foundation of fast to moderate junglecore lilt.

The kids call it Junglist Ragga.

[See full set of links at end of this post.]

That sounds nice, doesn't it? You think it's some soothing pleasant rum and punch background music for Jamaican tourists. Jungle means tribalism, and ragga means reggae, happy, hopeful, hop up and down, sway to the rhythm music, and you'd be really really WRONG.

This is violent, institution-disintegration, death ray music.

Although there seem to be some softer DJs and artists, who have love songs girls like, a big sector of this mixed genre music appears (from my three months of casual explorations) to be devoted to hard club break beat industrial punk rasta stormtrooper social activist music.

Scalable mass-mediated reverb and long decay delay channels, with repeating echoed sound-bits splashed against a rotting rusted shambles of beats, that fracture and seize transitory power when the mixmaster lets them, this is Wake Up Stand Up, stand up for your rights Music. Pure Beauty in Power for Good.

This is what I assume to Leading Edge Revolutionist Computer Music for dancing with pretty proles.

You feel them ascend within you. Their life manifested in sound. You identify with their protest against local and universal Domination Systems.

You get the revolutionary fever. It will all disappear, you suddenly realize, everything is always perishing and being supplanted, and all that's left is a potent residue of collosal social change. Warm hearted citizens facing cold locked doors of dorks.

What's strange is that there is this mounting underground of club DJ crews who are a hybrid composed of the forced cooperation of German (DE) punk riot flame guitar, with hardcore techno drivecore, and the spiritual empowerment of reggae rasta spliff poetics and liberating liltings.

A great German/Jamaican hybrid is the band Bambajasch (DE). One track in particular is astonishing to me: "Sofaration".

"Junglistic. Sufferation. Sofa Nation. Sofaration. Sufferation Generation. Me-me-me-ma-manipulation. Sofaration. Yes, you suffer in your own generation."

Great aggressive locomotive power with attack lyrics, it doesn't get much better than this.

Other names to search:

* Aaron Spectre (esp., "Life We Promote", "Live at Leipzig", "Live at Kopi Berlin".

* Murderbot

* Motorv8

* Ambassador 21 (very violent post-Atari Teenage Riot sound)

* Shitmat

* TechnoAnimal

* Gunshot

* BeenieMan

* DJ Scud


* Sock Monster

* General Malice

* Enduser

* Swen Sieg

* Rude Poets

* Bong-Ra

* Tester

An excellant starting point is of course Aaron Spectre, Murderbot, and CTOPH. Aaron Spectre is so good, I have about 6 CDs of what is very similar source material, certain songs keep popping up, but the treatments, drum solos, special effects, and what I assume is Aaron + crew shouting and cursing their audience, crashing laptops, and sucky sound systems. Very smooth, don't get me wrong. Not random noise, but very skillfully planned and executed sonic architecture adventures.

When reggae lilting and Germanic radicalism/industrial dance got together, it was a marriage meant to be. Give it a listen. This is what will replace hip hop.

Great fun. Perfect computing music to accompany your blog work.

Brave souls may wish to jump right into the swollen, molten metal-swallowing Bambajasch, Ambassador 21, TechnoAnimal, Sickboy, AZ-Rotator.

Experimentalists folks may prefer Monkey Steak, Monster Zoku Onsomb, Larvae, Ripley, Lapsed, or Samurai Envelope.

Ambassador 21

Aaron Spectre



Directory of portals, labels, distributors.

Silber Records
Some industrial, Attrition, etc.

Ragga-Jungle DE

Eddie the Rat
irreverent hippie noise for mashups

Blackhouse (Christian industrial band)

ad noiseam
(looking for link)

Happy hunting.

[signed] steven e. streight, etc.

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