Thursday, February 02, 2006

How you can be in my Best and Bizarre of Blogosphere book

[Select bloggers will receive a personal email from me on this soon.]


Here is the line up as of Feb. 02, 2006:


RICHARD EDELMAN [unpublished manifesto essay "for the annual Edelman Trust Barometer brochure, which will be published as an insert in PRWeek on February 13th"]

JEREMY WRIGHT "Disrupting Venture Capital?"

ANINA Fashion Model Blogger on MoBuzz TV [video]

"History of Weblogs" DAVE WINER [pending approval]

"The Brainteaser That Changed My World" DEAN ESMAY

"Some New Marshals in Town" JOE KATZMAN

"Blogging Enterprise Followup" JOHN MOORE

"How to Start a Blog" PHILLIP J. WINDLEY Assoc.Prof. Computer Science, Brigham Young U.

"Ten Blogging Hacks" STEVE RUBEL [pending approval]

CAMERON REILLY blog pioneer [selection undecided, pending approval]

ROBERT SCOBLE[selection undecided]

KATHERINE STONE Decent Marketing [selection undecided]


"The uncouth vocal utterance of the people" PAUL MURPHY Managing Linux [pending approval]

DAVE TAYLOR Intuitive Life Business Blog [selection undecided]

The World According to LiveJournal [pending approval].

I'm listing the contributers here.

Then I'm also displaying in my sidebar, linked items that they submitted. about

Come on. Think. Think Hard. Harder. Again. Why?

Surely you have said or written something in your blog that you knew was golden. Brilliant. Well stated. Concise. Easy to understand. Memorable. Classic. Apt. Clever. Profound. Witty. Excellant.

Since we both know you have produced some glittering gems, see if you can dig one up.

I think my own submission to my book will be my crowning achievement: my Vaspers Vocabulary.

By coining around 30 blogological neologisms, this post shows my understanding of blogging culture and tech. It displays my writing and thinking style better than any other single post of mine, I think.

Look at Toby Bloomberg's definition of blog "About Blog". . That's a good example of what I think would be a great entry. This is perfect description of blogs that you can offer to business executives and corporate clients. It shows a careful precision of wording that is refreshing and clear.

BIZARRE: Tell me your most astonishing blog anecdote (like my unpublished, but emailed to Paul Woodhouse, story about my dealings with the so-called homeless blogger). Or the most astonishing blog (like the one by North Korean dictator, which John C. Dvorak blogged about recently).

BEST: Submit your best blog related thought, essay, neologism, concept, style innovation, design methodology, or insightful expertise on any of the following topics:

blog software recommendations

blog software limitations

blog evaluation criteria

personal blogging insights/tips

business blogging and ROI


online community-building

blog templates and design

blog promotion

blog voice

comment policy and strategy (enabled vs. disabled comments, comments vs. trackbacks, comment spam prevention, comment moderation tips, etc.)

blogocombat/blogodiplomacy (lessons learned in debate you participated in)

blog definition/explanation (what you tell clients and friends)

blog differentiation techniques (what makes a blog unique)

Right now, as a preliminary but permanent manifestation of this Best and Bizarre of Blogosphere, please inspect my VTG sidebar heading, with my initial picks, essays by Toby Bloomberg, Dave Winer, and others.

When you send me your best quote, essay, one-liner, story, photo, art, poem, blog post, blogocombat report, business blogging success, or blog innovation...

...please also explicitly state that I have your permission to publish it on my blog and in my book. Otherwise, I'll have to bug you with an email permission form. Nobody wants more work to do, do they?


You'll get mentioned by all the info you wish: real name, blog title, blog URL, web site URL, corporate slogan, personal quote, product line, links to media coverage, podcasts, etc. It will be good PR for your blog.

I'm hatching a multitude of money-making strategies, and I will transparently report details, results, and subsequent recommendations based on actual experience.

This is the first publicly revealed money-making strategy, this book I'm writing, along with continued progress with my completed book: Secrets of the Blogging Pros, which many of my readers are already appearing in.

[signed] steven edward streight aka vaspers the grate


MARYBETH said...

Hey I am looking at your blog colors and me thinks you need to change either the heading color or the border color. Now that I am officially a student of design 101 , I am moved to share my amateur critique of your color mismatch. With this said , Carrie is the Queen of color design and would be a much better consultant then myself.I am learning that she is such a natural artists that she does not have the awareness of how dam talented she is!
I will do my best to help out with your requests on blog sharing, Just Remember to keep reminding me , as I do not multi task well and can easily be caught up in some new topic you post and forget about this one.
Finally I can answer your one question regarding HOW I DESCRIBE MY BLOG, when communicating with others. I generally say " It is snapshots of my life both visual and written, so if you want the cliff note version of the goings on in my life, -- stop on by, and be sure to say hello. Apparently my family and friends do stop on by, but fail to leave comments. 99% of them find it a tad confusing , and time consuming.
Did I read correctly that you have already published a book?? How in the Sam hell did I miss that important piece of information??
Oh well... its baby steps-just putting one sentence in front of the other =)

steven edward streight said...

I doing some template switching and experimenting with design and colors.

I'm eventually either going to use an entirely unique template, or launch a full web site, with Vaspers as a subpage, perhaps.

MARYBETH said...

Good MOrning VTC,
I have a total aversion to GREY BLAK!!!!
But hey, my comment and 5 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks! =)


steven edward streight said...

Don't say "I hate your face" then run away without telling me what to fix. Move my nose over to where my elbow is?

What colors do you suggest? I'll try anything, or twice, until my money and frustration are exhausted.

I have books, published, unpublished, what's the diff?

Do unspoken thoughts not count as much as the words we breathe and publish into the air?

Only one book actually published conventionally. Other books disseminated unconventionally.

Thanks for asking.

All the words and time you spend telling me you have such little time.