Sunday, February 12, 2006

From gestures and grunts to electro-telepaths

We are moving swiftly from primitive grunts and expressive electro-telepaths.

Here's my timeline of the process of technological evolution:

Gesture > Grunt > Language > Writing > Books > Internet > Electro-Telepathy

We always wanted to read minds. Soon the mind browsers and dream record/playback units will be ready. I've been working on dream rec/pb systems for quite some time now.

What will seem ultra-archaic in 10 to 20 years? Typing. Keyboards. PCs. Any type of text and image transmission mediated through external channels. Computers and software apps will all be embeds in the human brain.

We will touch certain spots on our heads to activate programs. Scratching ones scalp will be de rigueur, par for the course at any friendly gathering.

Eventually, a simple twitch of head muscles, a certain vague smile. Body language will take on a whole new meaning.

Young people will have secret physical codes, instead of hand signals it will be grimaces and sneers. Facial expressions will contort to unimaginable extremes, making grotesque masks out of human profiles. Parents will try to decode what their kids are doing with all the weird muscle spasm ballets.

Finally, the mere thought of activating a program...will activate it in your head.

Mind to mind communication is only a software problem to be solved as the merging of human and machine, the emergence of the humachine manbots, leads to our soon and sudden extinction.

We are already an endangered species. Humans lost the war long ago, during the industrial revolution. When humans voluntarily lined up to be transformed into factory appendages, slabs of rotting flesh affixed to flabby machinery, performing mind-damning, brain-mortifying, repetitious work, we were defeated.

For a human to submit to managers, company rules, and enforced behavioral loops, with precise times for lunch and a limit to bathroom breaks, with allegiance to localized, non-corporate mission agendas set by territorial bosses, who work at cross purposes to company and community, all this proves we are defeated.

We are now being rapidly replaced by machines, who will soon turn against us totally and start murdering our bodies, since our minds are now so digitalized, we no longer have any analogical sense left.

I mean: we no longer think in analogy, "this is like that". We only think in digitality: "this is this".

Internet porn is, as everyone knows, but will not admit, having sex with a machine, rather than a human. Libido mediated by computers. Anyone hooked on webcam or other digital porn: they are mutating faster than the rest of us. A bad and insane mutation.

The machines now own the rotting human sex organs. That's what internet porn means. I call it "machiniality", after the word beastiality.

I tell you: we are doomed, as well as dumbed down.

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